Paul Ryan Admits He's Been 'Dreaming' of Stripping the Poor of Healthcare Since College (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Admits He’s Been ‘Dreaming’ of Stripping the Poor of Healthcare Since College (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Shares A Laugh Over The Thought Of People Losing Healthcare

Paul Ryan had strange ambitions as a young man.

While some dream of making a positive impact, of helping others, for example, or somehow making the world a better place, Paul Ryan spent his younger years dreaming about stripping the poor and the disabled of their healthcare.

And yes, that is an actual thing that he actually said, out loud, into a microphone, in a roomful of people, while being videotaped.

It’s like the GOP has lost what little filter they once had, since Donald Trump took office, and are no longer afraid to openly admit that yes, they want to hurt the poor, especially if it means the rich get even more out of the bargain. After all, Paul Ryan’s remarks come just a day after White House budget director Mick Mulvaeny tried to defend Donald Trump’s insane budget, which slashes popular programs for the poor, such as Meals on Wheels and after-school education programs.

When Lyndon B. Johnson declared war on poverty, this is not exactly what he had in mind.

Paul Ryan made his own mind-blowing remark during a live event, hosted by National Review editor Rich Lowry. Lowry and Ryan, apparently, were buddies back in their younger days, and attended at least one “kegger” together – a party where a keg (or more) of beer is present.

When asked about the GOP’s “efforts” to “reduce government spending on health care” – and let’s be clear, they are reducing that spending, in order to parcel those dollars back out in the form of massive tax breaks for the wealthy – Ryan began by giving the same old tired line of allowing states to have more control and “capping” the program’s growth rate.

And then, Ryan finally decided to be honest.

Paul Ryan Admits That It’s a Dream Come True

Slashing benefits that go to the poor and the disabled is something Paul Ryan has long held near and dear to his heart.

“We’ve been dreaming of this since I’ve been around—since you and I were drinking at a keg.”

And the crowd laughed.

Because apparently, to Republicans, allowing poor folks, including children and disabled, to go without necessary healthcare, is funny.

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Watch the video below – Paul Ryan’s heartless remark starts at about 33:00.

[brid video=”122150″ player=”5260″ title=”Speaker Ryan at the NR Institute Summit”]

Conservatives have a strange sense of humor.

H/T Adam Cancryn.

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