Pence: Players Give Up Free Speech Because NFL Stands for 'National'

Pence Says NFL Players Should Give Up Free Speech Because N Stands for ‘National’

Mike Pence unfortunately Opened his mouth

If Dick Cheney was an example of a conniving Vice President that actively sought out power, Mike Pence is a conniving VP that is passively seeking out power. The former Governor of Indiana was selected as Trump’s VP due to his strong evangelical roots that gave him an appeal in religious places. And he had the legislative history to back it up thanks to his signing of the controversial “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” in 2015, which allowed religious business owners to discriminate against LGBT customers.

Thanks to Trump’s ego and boisterous personality, Pence has gotten relatively little scrutiny from the media despite having a horrible voting record. By remaining quiet, he is playing the straight man to Trump’s riotousness and making himself look like a calm, collected, and thoughtful individual in the process. We would be lying if we said it was not a good tactic.

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But Pence, regardless of his subdued nature, has to remain actively supportive of his President. That is why, back in 2016 after the election, he was receiving the intelligence briefings over Trump, and why he made the decisive vote in the Senate approving Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

Now we have luckily caught a public video of Pence defending Trump’s latest move: attacking the NFL. In a debate that should have stayed within the realm of free speech, imbeciles like Trump have turned the discussion into one of patriotism. At a speech that was recorded by NBC news reporters, the Vice President gave his reasoning as to why NFL players should stand for the anthem: because the “National Football League” has the word “National” in it.

We are not making this up. Check out the video footage below of him saying so:

Photo by Hal Yeager/Getty Images

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