Racist GOP Senate Candidate Loses It in Hyper Bigoted Multi-Day Twitter Meltdown

Racist GOP Senate Candidate Loses It in Hyper Bigoted Multi-Day Twitter Meltdown

Because sh*t just keeps getting crazier and crazier in the age of Donald Trump, we now have this disgusting racist GOP candidate’s Twitter battle to add to the list.

The GOP really knows how to pick them

On Monday, a spat broke out between Paul Nehlen, a Wisconsin Republican who has eyes on Republican Paul Ryan’s House seat, and Ari Cohn, a civil rights attorney that works for theFire.org, an organization that endeavors to protect First Amendment rights on America’s college campuses. For the record, Nehlen — clearly a provocateur douche-bag — has been known to re-tweet Nazi scarecrow Ann Coulter and Pepe the Frog memes, and recently delighted in the Charlottesville Nazi rallies.

The spat began when Cohn, — who is Jewish — took a swipe at Nehlen:

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Cohn was responding to a Huffington Post article making claims that Nehlen was indeed a white nationalist. The article highlighted Nehlen’s fluent and frequent use of white nationalist dog whistle jargon, as well as his affinity for appearing on white nationalist podcasts. Earlier in the month, Nehlen responded to online criticisms by posting “It’s OK to be white,‘ which is a white supremacist meme that was originated on 4Chan as a way to stir up liberal discontent on college campuses.  Just in case that message was missed, he followed up with;

“It’s pretty awesome, actually.” 

What followed has been a spirited back and forth between Cohn and Nehlen, with a health dose of horrific anti-semitic memes tweeted at Cohn by Nehlen’s followers. The spat continued into Tuesday and  Wednesday. Nehlen also added some anti-gay sentiments just to shore things up.

Cohn summarized the exchange in a 5-tweet series, which can be seen here:

Encouragingly, Nehlen’s political career has been laughable. In an attempt to primary Ryan in the 2016 election, he received 16% of the vote to Ryan’s 84%. On Wednesday, Paul Ryan, fresh off the victory of the GOP tax bill, oddly continued to be evasive when asked by CNN on Wednesday if he was running for re-election in 2018, saying he has not yet discussed a run with his wife.

image via Paul Nehlen campaign video screencap

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