REPORT: FBI Has Second Russia Dossier - This Could Sink Trump

REPORT: FBI Has Second Russia Dossier – This Could Sink Trump

By now, the timeline of the Trump dossier is well defined. The dossier may have been the impetus for the accusations of collusion between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia. Its credibility is at the heart of the memo House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes drafted and sought to have released. That memo questions the impartiality of the FBI and Justice Department. The Committee voted last night to do so. We know so much about the dossier. But did you know there were TWO dossiers? First, a little background.

not one dossier, but two now, could take trump down

During the 2016 primary season, an “anonymous” Republican affiliated with the “Never-Trump” movement approached Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS. Fusion is a research and strategic intelligence firm based in Washington, D.C. since 2011. The identity of the client is known to Simpson. Client confidentiality prevents that release publicly. The client wanted opposition research on candidate Trump, specifically on his business dealings in Russia and elsewhere. Trump, however, drew ever closer to the Republican nomination, leaving the “Never-Trumpers” little hope of stopping him.

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In true Washington fashion, the investigation continued anyway, now funded by the Democrats seeking opposition research against Trump for the November general election. The dossier, by former British MI-6 agent Christopher Steele, was sent to the FBI on June 20, 2016. If you have not already read it, it is a worthwhile read and only 35 pages. You can find it here. You can also read Glenn Simpson’s full testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee here.

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objectivity aside, the truth is what matters

Cody Shearer drafted the second dossier. Shearer is a journalist/activist. Critics initially dismissed Shearer’s dossier due to his ties to Hillary Clinton, Trump’s general election opponent. And there are quite a few ties. Cody’s sister Brooke (now deceased) was a personal aide to Hillary Clinton during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Brooke was married to Bill Clinton’s college roommate, Strobe Talbot, who held a high-ranking State Department job during the Clinton administration. Cody’s brother, Derek, was appointed by President Clinton to be Ambassador to Finland. Shearer allegedly did investigative work on behalf of Bill Clinton digging into the backgrounds of women who had accused Clinton of sexual misconduct. Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) described Shearer as a “hatchet man” for Hillary Clinton.  Where is the part in there that proves what Shearer wrote is not true?

A news reporter can be expected to pursue a story with a degree of objectivity and impartiality. An opposition researcher seeking damaging information on the political rival of an ally has no such obligation. Today, the Guardian reported that the FBI is actively assessing information contained in the second dossier, drafted by Shearer. They are “pursuing intriguing leads.” The second Russia dossier exists, and the FBI is taking it seriously. This raises the possibility parts of the Shearer dossier will corroborate the Steele dossier. Yes, the dossiers were drafter by Trump opposition, thus the innuendos. What matters most is whether that are elements in common between the dossiers. And if so, do the facts derive from independent sources? President Trump might be in big trouble.

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