REPORT: A Key Detail of Christopher Steele's Trump Dossier Was Just Verified

REPORT: A Key Detail of Christopher Steele’s Trump Dossier Was Just Verified

Paul Wood: Sources Verified Russian Intelligence Agent’s Identity

The strange saga unfolding in the intelligence community gets stranger as officials verify details from the too-salacious-to-be-true “dossier” compiled by a real-life international spy.

According to a new report from the BBC’s Paul Wood, U.S. officials have verified a key detail of the explosive dossier compiled by former MI6 spy Christopher Steele. As unbelievable and salacious as it is, the dossier is slowly being verified by the FBI—and it’s reportedly being used as a “roadmap” for investigators.

According to Wood, U.S. authorities have identified a key player in the dossier, Russian diplomat Mikhail Kalugin, as a potential Russian intelligence operative. Counter-intelligence came to this conclusion independent of Steele’s dossier. He wrote:

…sources I know and trust have told me the US government identified Kalugin as a spy while he was still at the embassy. It is not clear if the American intelligence agencies already believed this when they got Steele’s report on the “diplomat”, as early as May 2016. But it is a judgment they made using their own methods, outside the dossier.

A retired member of a US intelligence agency told me that Kalugin was being kept under surveillance before he left the US. In addition, State Department staff who dealt with Russia did not come across Kalugin, as would have been expected with a simple diplomat.

“Nobody had met him,” one former official said. “It’s classic. Just classic [of Russian intelligence].”

Steele is reluctant to travel to the U.S. for safety reasons, but has indicated his willingness to work with U.S. authorities and lawmakers to further verify the material his investigation uncovered.

WATCH: A Key Detail Of Christopher Steele’s Trump Dossier Was Just Verified

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