US Sends Jets to Intercept Two Russian Bombers Off Alaskan Coast

REPORT: US Sends Jets to Intercept Two Russian Bombers Off Alaskan Coast

Since the 2016 presidential election, the relationship between the United States and Russia has taken a large dive. As readers may be aware, both the FBI and CIA came out with reports that Russian hackers had interfered in the general election. This shocking revelation was supplemented by the possibility of a collusion between the Trump campaign and these foreign threats.

While no direct evidence has been found regarding a connection between President Trump and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, there is an ever-growing list of of Trump’s cabinet members having traitorous ties to Russia. The Washington Post’s Bonnie Berkowtiz, Denise Lu, and Julie Vitkovskaya have created a wonderful interactive graphic giving the full details.

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The recent decision by the Trump Administration to launch a strike on an airport in Syria (which is allied with Russia) seemed to indicate that Trump was finally standing out from Putin’s shadow. However, a closer look at the situation reveals that this was merely a deviously symbolic action as Syria does not rely on its air force, meaning President Bashar al-Assad is free to continue his attacks on the rebels.

However, today something more drastic happened. Two Russian TU-95 Bear bombers were intercepted by the US military in the international airspace near Alaska. Luckily, nothing dangerous happened, resulting in a professional escort back to Eastern Russia.

Despite this, the incident has raised a lot of alarms in the US. What were these jets doing so near the coastal borders? What will President Trump’s response be? Could this be yet another distraction? We advice everyone to keep one ear to what the news states and another to what isn’t being reported, as the Trump Administration is masterful at creating noisy distractions while they pass some anti-American initiative behind everyone’s backs.

Featured Image by U.S. Navy

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