Listen To This Scary Bullsh*t About How 'Alt-Right' Racists Plan To Help Trump 'Change The World'

Listen To This Scary Bullsh*t About How ‘Alt-Right’ Racists Plan To Help Trump ‘Change The World’

If You Build It, They Will Come…

“Alt-right” white nationalists gathered in our nation’s Capitol this weekend. They are openly energized and emboldened by the election of Donald Trump to the White House. Instead of being relegated to the backrooms in the darker recesses of America, they are now moving forward. They are growing louder and more insistent as they believe their hate-filled views are now being openly accepted.

Of course, no one can fault the so-called “alt-riight” white nationalists for believing that. After all, America just elected a man who ran a campaign based on hate and divisiveness. And he then selected a leader within the so-called “alt-right” movement to be one of his chief advisers. Trump’s selection of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is also reaping praise from the racist crowds. Despite the fact that Hillary Clinton won an overwhelming majority of the popular vote, Trump’s presidency, and his selections, have moved this once “fringe” group into the mainstream of our society.

And now they are gathering in order to discuss the ways in which they wish to change the world.

As you might guess, it’s incredibly, deeply disturbing. The alt-right is, in all ways, alt-wrong.

The White Nationalists Are Gathering Openly In Our Capitol

Richard Spencer, head of the white nationalist “think tank” (and I use that term lightly) called the National Policy Institute gave an interview with NPR, about a wide-range of topics, including the conference held in D.C. and attended by about 150 white nationalists…mostly young white men in nice suits.

The alt-right is here, the alt-right is not going anywhere, the alt-right is going to change the world,” Spencer declared at a press conference. He then referred to Trump’s recent win as “the first step towards identity politics in the United States.”

But it’s his interview with NPR’s Jessica Taylor that is most telling. And please, consider this as a warning. Many of the ideas expressed in the audio are repugnant and disturbing, as is the language used at times.

White Nationalists Advocate For A ‘Safe Space’ For White Folks (No Joke)

Spencer openly advocates for a “safe space” for white people. Basically, he envisions the United States as a beacon heralding white Europeans, even as it shuts down pathways to citizenship for people of color. He advocated for people’s rights to utilize swastikas and the term “Make America white again” even as he attempted to make his case for the creation of a “white Euro-ethno nation state.”

He admits that yes, he and his people are optimistic and energized by a Trump presidency.

Other attendees agreed.

Matt Forney, one attendee, said that this conference had an “infusion of new energy,” and noted there were a lot of “new faces” within the movement.

“It was more like a cocktail party among old friends,” Forney said, describing previous gatherings of white nationalists. “Now, it’s like we’re the vanguard of a new movement. People are happy and ready to change the world.”

Trump Voters, It’s On You To Condemn This

Another attendee, Evan Thomas, agreed that Trump had energized his people – but warned that, unless Trump acted upon the racist policies that excited so much of his white nationalist fan club, his reelection would be a tough battle.

“He’s got to act very tough, very quickly to reverse the demographic decline of European-Americans very swiftly. The coalition that brought him to the White House, he’s got to keep that going and strengthen it, otherwise he will be a one-term president,” Thomas said.

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The white nationalists are gathering, openly, in the very heart of our democracy. They are emboldened by a Trump victory, and feel as if their hateful views have now become mainstream. It’s no longer enough for Trump voters to claim they aren’t racist – they must openly denounce this kind of activity. And instead of scolding actors on Twitter, perhaps Trump ought to consider turning his social media account on some real evil.

The white nationalists who support him.

Richard Ellis/Getty Images

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