Listen to Sean Hannity Give Disgusting Defense Of Tax Cuts for the Rich: They'll Buy Boats

Listen to Sean Hannity Give Disgusting Defense Of Tax Cuts for the Rich: They’ll Buy Boats

Sean Hannity Thinks The Rich Need More Money

Sean Hannity, man of the people that he is, bravely waged battle in favor of the already tax-coddled wealthy to receive even more massive tax cuts, because hey – when Ronald Reagan gave the wealthy massive tax cuts, Geraldo Rivera bought a helicopter.

I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. You can’t make this stuff up.

Sean Hannity was addressing President Donald Trump’s recent push for tax reform. On Wednesday, Trump stated that “the wealthy will be pretty much where they are, pretty much where they are,” in regards to tax paid, but he then added, “If they have to go higher, they’ll go higher.”

This is in contrast to the position taken by Trump administration officials, who have stated that the taxes on the rich would decrease.

Sean Hannity, of course, is in the “let’s cut taxes on the overburdened wealthy!” camp, and why shouldn’t he be? After all, he has a reported net worth of $36 million, and he doesn’t want a  penny of that going to education, or feeding hungry kids, or helping pregnant women.

Instead, Sean Hannity pleaded with President Trump to remember that rich people deserve special treatment, while pretending that giving the rich that special treatment will somehow actually stimulate the economy. The rich will drag the middle class up with them, Sean Hannity pretended out loud, and so the rich need those even more massive tax cuts because “to get the forgotten men and women to work here is basically contingent on a growing, thriving economy.”

That is somehow accomplished by generating even less revenue for the federal government? Or something? I’m not sure. Republican math isn’t just hard, it’s impossible…mainly because it’s imaginary. But there’s no need to pay any attention to history, facts, and economic truth, after all…not when you’re Sean Hannity and your base will swallow anything.

And wait. It gets better.

Boats And Helicopters And Magical Republican Math

Hannity then worshiped-out-loud at the alter of Saint Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts for the wealthy, noting that it was those very tax cuts that led the formerly-overburdened Geraldo Rivera to buy a helicopter. And somehow, the purchase of one helicopter stimulated the economy.

“It’s simple economics, because those multinationals, those corporations, quote ‘rich people’ what they’re going to do is they’re going to end up spending money and buying boats, as Geraldo said yesterday he bought a helicopter after the Reagan tax cuts but that keeps people working.”


“The rich are already paying their fair share,” Hannity went on. “The idea is to get them to spend their money and stimulate the economy and build the factories in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.”


The rich already have money. Lots of it. It is what literally makes them rich. Giving them more of something that they already  have an abundance of does not stimulate the economy, any more than putting more gas in an already full tank makes a car go any further. It just spills out and puddles on the pavement and doesn’t do anybody any damned good.

But putting gas in the tank of a car that’s only  half full…or running on fumes?

Well, that gets that car going, and going further.

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Sean Hannity and his ilk will never admit it, though. And they’ll  get away with it as long as we have MAGA-hat-wearing, college-hating, fake-news crying people who are willing to vote away their own interests because Obama, or something.

Listen to the audio below, if you can handle it without ripping your hair out.

Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

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