Sean Hannity Deletes Insane, Racist, Perverted Fantasy Tweet About Obama Portrait

Sean Hannity Deletes Insane, Racist, Perverted Fantasy Tweet About Obama Portrait

I honestly don’t know where or how to begin here. This is beyond the pale, to say the least. I mean, is this really where we are as a country, as a society? Have we really gone from Walter Cronkite to THIS?

But wait, it gets worse. Because the “inappropriate sexual innuendo” that the Hannity tweet refers to was described, in the now deleted article it linked to, as “secret sperm” hidden in the painting of the 44th President.

Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately.

Yes, it’s completely inappropriate, unprofessional, and deranged for a top cable news anchor to put something like that out. Which is why he blamed it on his staff before deleting it;

“Earlier today my web staff posted content that was not reviewed by me before publication. It does not reflect my voice and message and, therefore, I had it taken down.”

Of course, nothing on the internet is ever really deleted, so here’s the article in the Web Archive. And despite his nose in the air insistence that such a thing is beneath him, the tweet very much reflects Hannity’s message of hate for minorities, the poor, Democrats, moderate Republicans, and well, pretty much everyone who isn’t on the far right – and especially for Barack Obama, who had the audacity to be black, a Democrat, and a two term President who will go down in history as one of our best Presidents. That really gets under Hannity’s thin white skin.

So where are the “secret sperm”, you’re probably being forced to unfortunately wonder? Well, it seems that it’s his grey hair. Yes, they’ve conflated little grey hairs with “sperm” because, well, because Hillary had them in exactly the right basket.

And speaking of the “basket of Deplorables”, as it turns out that’s exactly where Hannity’s “staff” got the idea. The very basket itself, the internet “hive of scum and villainy” known as /pol on 4chan, infested as it is with racists and full bore Nazis who like to head over there from the white supremacy forums on there.

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If you want to see for yourself you can follow this link, but I warn you, the racism you’ll find there is stomach churning.

Honestly… who was fired over this? Why does Hannity still have a job? How can he be the guy so many Americans are listening to, and taking seriously? He, or his “staff”, are literally promoting conspiracy theories as “news”. And not just any garden variety conspiracy theories like those you see in the National Enquirer, but what can only be the perverted fantasies of some self-loathing closeted homophobic racists with a severe inferiority complex and a jungle love longing they just can’t reconcile in their dark, dark hearts.

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Last night I watched as the closest thing we have to Cronkite in this country today, Rachel Maddow, the polar opposite of Hannity, struggled to report breaking news that Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen had fallen on his sword to take the blame for the $130,000 our President paid to a porn star to cover up an affair she denies (which is, of course, what she was paid to do). I feel the same writing this report.

So let me close with the same sentiment she expressed. This is our job now, in the news biz. This is where our country is at.

God help us.

Featured image composite by Reverb Press, Sean Hannity Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images; Obama painting, public domain (web archive).

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