Shocking Video Shows Trump Manhandling French First Lady -- Was it Cowardly Payback?

Shocking Video Shows Trump Manhandling French First Lady — Was it Cowardly Payback?

Donald Trump Sinks To New Lows Daily

Donald Trump has a thing about handshakes. We all know this now. When meeting someone, the President attempts to show his dominance through his grip. It’s a brutish display of what a simple person thinks of strength – which means no one should be surprised that this is Trump’s preferred method of greeting other leaders.

But back in May, during the NATO gathering, French President Emmanuel Macron made the decision that Trump would not pull what had become his signature alpha-male move. Instead, Macron made it clear that Trump’s attempt to show strength wasn’t going to work with him and so, when they met, Macron gave it back to him, pump for pump, jerk for jerk.

The handshake went on uncomfortably long, the seemingly pleasant smiles on the two men’s faces belied by the tension in their jaws and the whitening of their knuckles.

In the end, a wounded, bewildered Trump jerked his hand back, and Macron emerged the victor in the contest the U.S. President himself started.

It isn’t that Macron believed his own masculinity, strength and leadership was somehow reflected in that handshake. It was that Trump believes that, and so Macron decided to speak  the President’s language. A show of strength, even through something like a handshake, is the only thing POTUS understands.

And Trump has this thing with handshakes.

And on Thursday, he made it even more evident by taking it to a new low.

Trump Is Scared Of President Macron

Knowing that his brutal variation of the handshake wouldn’t work on President Macron, Trump decided to use it on Macron’s wife Brigitte.

Yes. That is the President of the United States, manhandling the First Lady of France…and it may be because Macron hurt his feelings with that now-infamous NATO handshake.

White House aides admitted that the President was angered by the Macron handshake, and his admittance that the handshake had been deliberate.

“Macron was quoted in a French journal talking about his white-knuckled handshake with Trump at their first meeting … where the newly elected French president gripped Trump’s hand tightly and would not let go for six long seconds in a show of alpha-male fortitude. Hearing smack-talk from the Frenchman 31 years his junior irritated and bewildered Trump.”

In fact, it irritated Trump so much that many viewed that handshake as the “nudge” that led him to petulantly pull the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Trump’s Brutishness Is Not Strength

It was the sort of thing that really gets under his skin. That handshake with Macron, the handshake that left him “bewildered” and, probably, frightened – as bullies often feel when they are confronted – has probably been stewing still. This is a man who is so easily and deeply offended that he endangered the entire globe by withdrawing from a climate pact because his feelings got hurt.

And, as bullies and small men often do, the President lashed out. But he won’t lash out at Macron, who has shown himself able to handle his own. No, Trump went after Macron’s wife, First Lady Brigitte Macron. After all, the U.S. President has shown himself more than willing to hurt women.

Just as Macron openly admitted that “My handshake with him, it’s not innocent,” neither is Trump’s handshake with Macron’s wife innocent, either.

It was the President’s own wife who stated, several times, that when someone hits her husband, he strikes back ten times harder.

“As you may know by now, when you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder. No matter who you are, a man or a woman, he treats everyone equal,” the First Lady said.

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But sometimes, when he strikes back, he prefers to target the wife, instead.

And that’s not actual strength. That is, instead, a weak man’s idea of strength.

Donald Trump is a national embarrassment with a global stage.

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