Shouting "Trump is treason", activist hurls Russian flags at President - Trump gives thumbs up!

Shouting “Trump is treason”, activist hurls Russian flags at President – Trump gives thumbs up!

Ryan Clayton, a prominent liberal activist from the group Americans Take Action and former anchor for, who is known for attention grabbing stunts to illustrate political issues, stood with journalists in a suit and tie until President Trump approached with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as they entered a luncheon being held in the Capitol building by Senate Republicans. He then flung a handful of Republican flags in the air, shouting “Trump is treason”.


Trump’s shocking reaction? A thumbs up.

“We should be talking about Treason,” Ryan shouted. “This President conspired with Russian agents to steal an election. We should be talking about treason in Congress, not about tax cuts!”

Watch the scene, below, in video from Politico and NBC News. Story continues below video.

It’s a fair point. One which Clayton also made with a previous stunt, in which he posed as a Russian supporter of the President.

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And here’s Clayton hammering Trump on Content News:

Clayton was also beaten and kicked, and violently assaulted by men he described as “brown shirts” at a James O’Keefe event at a bar in Manhattan, where Ryan said “I felt like I stood face to face with fascism”. An encounter that left him in a neck brace.

Ryan has also been in the news for trying to get Jared Kushner to sign a Russian flag, and for handing out Russian flags at the conservative political gathering CPAC.

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After hurling the flags at President Trump, Ryan waited to be apprehended, identified himself to Secret Service agents and was arrested.

Featured image via NBC News video, screenshot.

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