Bernie Sanders & Lindsey Graham To Debate Healthcare

Single Payer Vs. Obamacare Repeal: Bernie Sanders & Lindsey Graham To Debate Healthcare

Bernie is stronger than ever

In a lot of ways, Bernie Sanders has become the Nelson Rockefeller of the Democratic Party. For those not aware, Rockefeller was a prominent Republican politician from the FDR Administration through Gerald Ford’s, serving as the latter’s Vice President. However, historically-speaking, he is best remembered for pushing the GOP leftward at the 1960 RNC, leading to all liberal Republicans being labeled “Rockefeller Republicans.”

By today’s standards, of course, so-called Republicans would be considered RINOs since the party has moved so far right white nationalists have come out of hiding to openly endorse their presidential candidate. Unfortunately, the real tragedy is that the Democratic Party took the place of the Rockfellers, becoming a centre-right party interested in preserving the rights of Wall Street over the American People. As Ralph Nader put it an interview:

“Raising money from Wall Street, from the drug companies, from health insurance companies, the energy companies, kept [Democrats] from their main contrasting advantage over the Republicans, which is, in FDR’s parlance, “The Democratic Party is the party of working families, Republicans are the party of the rich.” That flipped it completely and left the Democrats extremely vulnerable.”

Luckily Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has made a successful push for a re-embracing of the old populist values. Following the 2016 Democratic Primary, which saw Bernie lose, yet gain an unprecedented amount of publicity and respect, numerous progressive grassroots groups have emerged, most notably the Justice Democrats.

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Bernie has continued to push forward his trademark policies of tuition-free college, a $15.00 minimum wage, and universal health coverage. It is this latter trait that has gained the most steam as many establishment Democrats have started to add it to their personal platforms.

Unfortunately, their advocacy has taken a break with the advent of the Graham-Cassidy Bill, an Obamacare repeal and replace alternative that would potentially hurt millions of Americans nationwide. It is so bad, that even insurance companies have come out against it.

Next Monday, on September 25, Bernie, alongside Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, will be debating Graham and Cassidy in a town hall meeting. CNN analyst Mark Preston tweeted out the information:

We cannot wait to see these Republican fools humiliated on live television. It would also give Bernie a chance to once again promote a single-payer, or Medicare-for-all, healthcare system to the American people.

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