A Stoneman Douglas Student Just Dragged the Living Sh*t Out of the NRA

A Stoneman Douglas Student Just Dragged the Living Sh*t Out of the NRA

Say what you will about the current state of things — and boy is there a lot to talk about — clearly we are living in a time where social media is the great equalizer. The NRA got that lesson on Tuesday.

Dana Loesch and the NRA just got pwnd

The “news cycle,” once defined as a 24 hour period driven by print media, has been blown into oblivion by the non-stop nature of 24 hour news channels, the internet, and platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where you, me, and pretty much anyone with an internet connection has a chance to commandeer the narrative, simply by making observations that can then go viral.

Enter Sarah Chadwick. Sarah is a survivor of the recent, horrific mass shooting massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Like most of the student activists born out of this tragic event, Chadwick presumably did not ask for the attention that has now been thrust upon her and her fellow students like Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg. But much like Gonzalez and Hogg, Chadwick has recognized that their collective energies have sparked a national movement — one that threatens to potentially bring the once omnipotent National Rifle Association (NRA) to its knees. And they are making the most of it.

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In the days since the 17 senseless deaths in Florida, several national movements have been born, with the students at Stoneman Douglas High leading the charge. Chadwick is a central organizer for March for Our Lives, which began as a protest march for common sense gun law reform on the streets of Washington DC on March 24th, and has since ballooned into 488 events worldwide.

Predictably, this has the NRA running scared, and as well it should. In the last few weeks an NRA boycott has seen a major shift in corporate support for the gun lobby organization, with a massive and growing list of companies cutting ties.

Please help us get the truth out….


On Sunday, the NRA released an ominous video that almost immediately sparked a national outcry. The video, featuring vile and racist spokeswomen Dana Loesch, essentially seemed to endeavor to stoke a civil war, railing against legacy media, Hollywood, and pretty much anyone “arrogant” enough to think they could take on the NRA;

“To every lying member of the media, to every Hollywood phony, to the role model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents…Your Time is running out. The clock starts now.”

In a brilliant and bravely defiant parody, Chadwick is having none of that shit. She is featured openly mocking Loesch, flipping the script almost note for note and fearlessly taking her head-on;

“To every spokeswoman with an hourglass who uses free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents…Your Time is running out. The clock starts now.”

The Loesch tweet has been re-tweeted 7.7 thousand times since it was posted on Sunday. As of the time of this publication, the Chadwick tweet had been re-tweeted 5.8 thousand times in less than two hours and was growing fast.

The message seems pretty clear for the NRA. It’s game over.

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