In Honor of Tax Day, Here Are a Bunch of Times Trump Promised to Release His Returns (VIDEO)

In Honor of Tax Day, Here Are a Bunch of Times Trump Promised to Release His Returns (VIDEO)

Happy Tax Day, Donald Trump!

Today is tax day, and I think it’s a fair certainty that Donald Trump will not be releasing his tax returns. The White House will continue to use the completely discredited “He’s being audited!” excuse, interspersed with the idea that, because Trump won the electoral college, no one actually cares about his tax return.

(By the way, that’s also false. A majority of Americans want to see the president’s taxes.)

And it’s not just that Donald flatly refuses to follow the tradition of every president for the past 40 years that people find bothersome. It’s that he promised, repeatedly, to release those tax returns.

So, in honor of Tax Day, here’s a collection of Trump stating he would release his returns. And just so his devoted fans don’t start claiming “fake news!” as they do when they don’t like something, I’ve included footage.

Just A Bunch Of Videos Of Trump Saying He Will Release His Tax Returns

Here’s Donald Trump telling host Hugh Hewitt, “I would release tax returns” if he declared his candidacy.

He didn’t.

Here he is telling George Stephanopolous that he will release his returns.



Want another one? Here you go.

Hey, why not another one, right?

And in case you needed a little bit of irony, here is Trump trying to shame Mitt Romney into releasing his tax returns.

Trump isn’t going to release these returns willingly. His hand will have to be forced. And it should be, for a myriad of reasons.

To begin with, there are entirely too many ties between the Trump White House and Russia. A tax return could show if any of those ties are financial.

This also applies to other countries, as well. Trump is in a position to profit greatly from his office – and we, the people, should be aware of where his ties are, in order to see potential conflicts of interest.

And we should also see what sort of tax reforms would benefit the president personally.

And I’m just going to leave this, right here.

Because now that he is in office, it’s no longer about an audit, which was a weak excuse anyhow. Now, he no longer feels like he even has to pretend.

It’s time for everyone, even his most ardent supporters, to admit that he lied about this – like he lied about so many other things.

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And it’s past time for Donald Trump to release his tax returns. Because this?

That doesn’t actually count.

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