Thank YOU, Michelle! Watch The Best Moments From Our First Lady's Amazing Final Speech

Thank YOU, Michelle! Watch The Best Moments From Our First Lady’s Amazing Final Speech

Farewell, Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, full of the same grace and poise and confidence that has made her a beloved figure, address America for one final time as First Lady.

Like all of her speeches, it was full of both power and vulnerability. She reminds us that this country belongs to us – all of us. That there is a place for us all in our American story, and that each of us has a right to be exactly who we are.

Yet, Michelle Obama reminded us, this right isn’t just handed to us. It’s something we have to earn. And we cannot take our freedoms for granted.

In the face of a Donald Trump presidency, these words become particularly potent. Indeed, with LGBT people, women, minority groups, non-Christians, and the disabled all becoming more vulnerable the day Trump takes the oath and enters the Oval Office, it’s something we do need to remember. And to live by.

We all have those rights. But there are times when we must fight for them.

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She closed with a simple, but emotional, thank you.

“Being your First Lady has been the greatest honor of my life,” she said. “And I hope I’ve made you proud.”

You have, Michelle Obama. And thank you.

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