Epic Viral Video Mocks Tomi Lahren, Proves Republicans are the REAL 'Snowflakes' Ruining America

Epic Viral Video Mocks Tomi Lahren, Proves Republicans are the REAL ‘Snowflakes’ Ruining America

Tomi Lahren Got Mad…Again

Republican mouthpiece Tomi Lahren, that inexplicably rage-filled young woman who is known for getting mad and recording it, recently released yet another one of her insane anger videos – this time over “snowflakes” from the left.

“Snowflake,” is, of course, the slam-de-jour from a party that obviously doesn’t grasp the concepts of irony or hypocrisy. As they try to dismiss the anger of millions of appalled Americans who have taken to the street to march and protest against injustice, they seem completely oblivious that their cries of “snowflakes!” are completely moronic.

These are the people who elected Donald J. Trump, the biggest crybaby to ever hold the office of the presidency, after all. And this is a man who forced his press secretary to flat-out lie about crowd sizes and passes out maps of the electoral college in an attempt to boost his own ego. They elected a guy who watches news coverage obsessively and rage-tweets when his feelings get hurt. And these are the same people that also foamed at the mouth and freaked over Obama’s election and re-election. They are the people who may not have organized and taken to the streets in a time-honored, American tradition of protest but did spend eight years posting misspelled memes on social media about how that Kenyan Muslim socialist was going to micropchip us all with the sign of the beast and also, Benghazi.

In other words, Republican voters spent nearly a decade crying about conspiracy theories and whining because the black dude in the Oval Office wanted to make healthcare affordable, and yet are somehow deeply offended that the left is organizing over a president who is, actually, a clear and present danger to our actual democracy rather than someone who just happened to have darker skin and a funky name.

The Hypocrisy Of Tomi Lahren…And The Right In General

And Tomi Lahren launched her entire career by whining. Of course, there’s a lot of anger, there, but at the core of every one of her videos is the basic message that she doesn’t like the way someone else has done something, and so she is upset. And not only does Tomi Lahren get upset over these things, she gets so upset that she thinks they are worthy of her recording her upset, and that her own sad, angry thoughts are worthy of viewing by complete strangers.

Her recent clip begins with her asking, “Are you or someone you love having difficulty accepting the fact Donald Trump won the presidency? You may be suffering from acute chronic snowflakeism.” She lists “Bern-ing,” noting the (absolutely verifiable and relevant) fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and “ignoring Benghazi, email servers, and billions to Iran” as “symptoms.”

(Someone please let Tomi Lahren know that there were multiple investigations into Benghazi, none of them found anything because there was nothing to find, and if she needs a new conspiracy theory to freak out over, she needs to take a look at the actual scandal surrounding Donald Trump and his ties to Russia. Thanks.)

Thankfully, someone could no longer stand the hypocrisy from not only Tomi Lahren, rage-whiner-in-chief, but from the right in general. Hasan Piker, host and co-producer of The Young Turks, decided to make his own video response to Tomi Lahren, and it’s going viral for all the right reasons.

Mainly because he is, actually, right – as the left so often is.

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Watch him destroy Tomi and the rest of the right, nailing them for the snowflakes that they are, in 2 1/2 minutes. From their desperate clinging to Confederate monuments to their inexplicable need to eliminate healthcare for millions in order to fund tax breaks for the wealthy, Piker reveals the GOP to be the actual snowflakes who are truly trying to ruin America.

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