BREAKING: Trump Campaign Staffer Sued For Repeatedly Pulling Loaded Gun On Co-Workers

BREAKING: Trump Campaign Staffer Sued For Repeatedly Pulling Loaded Gun On Co-Workers

Why Is The Trump Campaign So Violent?

Yet another Trump campaign worker is under scrutiny for violence — and this time, a gun was involved.

A former worker for Donald Trump’s presidential bid is accusing the Trump campaign’s North Carolina director of pointing a loaded gun at him, the Associated Press reports.

There is no longer anything in this whole Trump campaign that should shock anyone. Even gun violence. It’s only natural that a lunatic who willfully, gleefully and repeatedly incites violence attracts similar people.

According to the AP report, Vincent Bordini filed a civil lawsuit against both the Trump campaign and the campaign’s recent state director, Earl L. Phillip. The lawsuit is seeking monetary damages for emotional distress caused by the alleged assault and battery.

Bordini claims that he and Phillip were travelling together, by car. Suddenly,  Phillip pulled out a .45 caliber handgun, with the safety off, and pressed the barrel of the loaded handgun to Bordini’s kneecap.

Again, it is only natural that a bombastic, out-of-control, nuke-obsessed candidate would attract the kind of man who would randomly pull a loaded gun on another person for no apparent reason. He was probably just perfecting his right to bear arms. Or perhaps, like Donald Trump, he also suffers from a case of very tiny fingers, and his gun makes him feel better.

Phillip Pulled His Gun Repeatedly

Furthermore, this isn’t even the only time Phillip apparently pulled a loaded gun on campaign staffers. The lawsuit alleges he pulled his gun on at least four other people within the Trump organization, and his willingness to pull his gun was widely known within the campaign.

Let that sink in. Trump’s campaign director had a known habit of pulling a loaded gun on other campaign staffers.

“Some described Phillip as initially calm. Then, he would brandish his weapon, put its barrel against their bodies or aim it at them,” the lawsuit states. “He would wait for his victims to show fear and then calmly conceal his weapon again.”

Donald Trump doesn’t just attract these kind of people. He hires them.

Staffer Feared Retaliation

The lawsuit notes that witnesses describe Phillip “yelling and screaming in anger” while he brandished his .45. While at work. For Donald Trump.

Bordini “felt he could not tell anyone about the incident due to Phillip’s reputation for violent outbursts, intimidation and retaliation,” the lawsuit states. The incident occurred in February. And it so terrified Bordini that he moved his family out of their home, for fear that Phillip would retaliate.

And in an even crazier twist, Bordid is such a “passionate Trump supporter” that he stated he didn’t report the gun incident to police because he didn’t want to damage the campaign or possibly hurt Donald Trump’s chances of becoming president.

Trump Campaign Had No ‘Corrective Action’

“Vincent forewent alerting authorities because putting Mr. Trump in the White House was his goal. But enough is enough,” the lawsuit states. “Guns don’t have to fire to inflict damage. Vincent couldn’t sleep after the incident. If Phillip had flinched, Vincent might have never been able to properly walk again.”

The lawsuit says Bordini resigned from the campaign in March.

“Vincent became disgusted with the Trump campaign’s lack of corrective action,” the lawsuit states. “He could no longer tolerate working in an environment where his superior could pull a gun on him at any moment.”

He had to leave the campaign because the leadership within the national Trump campaign refused to deal with their gun-toting, pistol-packing state director.

Phillip Stepped Down…For Now

As for Phillip, he became the Trump campaign’s state director in North Carolina in November. Before that, he served as the North Carolina African American State Director for the Republican National Committee.  In 2014, he gave a speech where he embraced the ever-popular birther conspiracy, stating that he didn’t believe President Barack Obama was a Christian or an American citizen. He further disputed whether or not Obama “qualified as a true African American.” And just this week, he retweeted a faked photo of Hillary Clinton wearing a Muslim headscarf fashioned out of an American flag.

In other words, he’s just the right guy for the Trump campaign.

Phillip has recently resigned his position with the Trump campaign — at least, until this little matter with people getting upset over him pulling a loaded gun on staffers dies down.

“I stepped down from … all affiliations with Donald J. Trump until this is cleared up,” said Phillip.

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

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