'Trump Criticizes Trump': Internet Archive of Trump Tweets is a Goldmine of Hypocrisy

‘Trump Criticizes Trump’: Internet Archive of Trump Tweets is a Goldmine of Hypocrisy

Trump Contradicts Himself…A Lot

There’s a theory floating around the internet that says for every statement Donald Trump makes, there is a tweet he made that directly contradicts it.

It’s not a bad theory, as far as theories go, actually.

With over 30,000 Tweets to pull from, people are gleefully pairing together the president’s current positions and statements with his old tweets. An entire Reddit thread called r/TrumpCriticizesTrump has cropped up. The juxtaposition is jarring – and often hilarious, too. There are rules to posting. Each entry must contain a quote from the president with a link to the source, and the tweet that defies it. There is no editorializing allowed.

Nor is it needed.

But, as funny as it may be, the intent behind it is serious.

According to NBC News, others believe there is a deeper meaning and purpose. Reddit user BlatantConservative, who voluntarily moderates the thread, calls the effort “valuable,” because people have to make a choice when confronted with the president’s own words.

“Personally, I think it’s valuable because it forces people to make a choice. If anti-Trump material comes from a news agency or a political opponent, the human mind is going to rationalize and explain it away as fake or biased news … If anti-Trump material comes from Trump himself, they have to choose whether they believe he’s a liar, forgetful, or even if he’s doing the wrong thing.”

The thread is already massive, and will, undoubtedly, continue to grow throughout the current presidency.

A Round-Up Of The Most Popular ‘Trump Contradicts Trump’ Tweets

Some of the most popular of POTUS’s blatant hypocrisies are as follows.

The user then linked to this article, detailing the number of golf trips the president has taken, with this quote:

“Today, Trump is playing his 27th round of golf in less than 5 months; at this point in his first year Pres. Obama had played only 5 rounds and a total of 27 for the entire year. After he finishes his ‘meetings,’ Trump will be hosting a fundraiser for NJ Rep. Tom MacArthur at his club.”

That submission included a link to an article detailing the president’s strike on Syria.

That tweet is paired with the recent article on how the president funnels money from a charity meant for children with cancer into his own bank account.

And the included link? ‘Trump is Hiring Lobbyists and Top Ethics Official Says “There’s No Transparency.”‘

That one is a doozy. The user submitted the link to a New York Times article entitled ‘Trump Won’t Release His Tax Returns, a Top Aide Says.’

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There are pages of the president’s tweets, solidly backed up by sources showing the president doing or saying the exact opposite. It is a treasure trove of presidential hypocrisy, guaranteed to anger any current POTUS supporter who loves to blame the mainstream media for the president looking stupid. After all, there is no commentary. It is a collection of indefensible Trumpisms.

It’s just Trump criticizing himself, using nothing but his own words…and it’s effective.

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