Trump Gives Kim Jong Un A Crazy Nickname, Proves Again He's Too Immature For Presidency

Trump Gives Kim Jong Un A Crazy Nickname, Proves Again He’s Too Immature For Presidency

Trump Reaches New Depths of Immaturity

Donald Trump decided to give his North Korean counterpart a nickname, and, of course, he did it via Twitter, because we are at the point in our country’s history where our elected leader calls the guy who has threatened us with nuclear war petty names on social media, and can someone please wake us up from this bad dream now?

Yes. That’s the President of the United States, calling the insane leader of North Korea “Rocket Man.” Because nothing says national security like goading another country’s leader into nuclear war.

The tweet fell flat, as so much of what Trump often does.

The situation between the United States and North Korea is serious. It’s grave. It’s a matter of national security. And calling Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” isn’t the way to handle it. In fact, for Donald Trump to tweet out petty insults to the obviously unstable leader of North Korea proves that he is mentally unfit for the office of the Presidency.

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But we already knew that, didn’t we.

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