Trump Totally Freaked Out on His Own National Security Adviser

Trump Totally Freaked Out on His Own National Security Adviser

The Donald is unleashing hate tweets against his own national security advisor!

During one of his spontaneous Tweeting sessions, President Trump surprised the media be deciding to attack a top-ranking member of his administration: Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster:

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On Saturday, February 17, the National Security Advisor stated at a conference in Germany that evidence of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections was “incontrovertible.” This was no doubt in response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians and three Russian companies that worked to undermine the Clinton Campaign and aid the Trump Campaign.

While Mueller avoided accusing members of the Trump campaign of knowingly working with these defendants, as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein put it, “in this indictment”, the move has evidently got Trump scared: scared enough to criticize his own national security advisor, whose job is to inform the President about potential national security risks.

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The tweet, which readers can see above, consists of typical Republican strategies of diverting attention and blaming the Democratic Party head (in this case Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama). Interestingly enough, the President does not deny that there was Russian interference in the election; he only contests that said intrusions had an impact on his electoral win.

Considering Trump has, in the past, worked to dismiss the whole probe as a “witch hunt,” his switch in rhetoric could be indicative that he’s finally giving up on the thoroughly debunked “hoax” narrative, in the face of the same “incontrovertible” evidence McMaster referred to. But you’ll notice he didn’t say so.

McMaster wasn’t the only high US Government official to speak out against Trump’s stances. Bipartisan calls for world leaders to simply ignore Trump are growing louder, as international leaders voice fears of catastrophe, even nuclear war because of Trump’s loose cannon tweeting.

The ultimate question is, will the Republican Party continue to back whatever proposals the Trump Administration puts forward, no matter how unpopular? With the 2018 midterms approaching, that tactic may prove to be problematic.

Watch the McMaster remarks that angered Trump:

Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

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