In Massive Betrayal to America, Trump Company Awards Huge Contract to 'Corrupt' Chinese Firm

In Massive Betrayal to America, Trump Company Awards Huge Contract to ‘Corrupt’ Chinese Firm

Trump Puts Himself And China First In Latest Move

Donald Trump broke a major promise to the American people and his own presidency.

The Hill reports:

“President Trump’s family business reportedly hired a construction company owned by the Chinese government to work on a project even though Trump promised it would not work with any foreign entities while he was in the White House.”

DAMAC Properties, a partner of the Trump Organization, awarded a  $32 million contract to the Middle East subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation. The CSCEC is a major construction company owned by the Chinese government. The firm was hired for infrastructure work at Trump World Golf Club Dubai.

This flies in direct conflict with a pledge the President made to the American people as President-Elect:

“First, the Trust Agreement prohibits—without exception—new foreign deals during the duration of President-Elect Trump’s Presidency. Specifically, the Trust and The Trump Organization will be prohibited at all times during the Presidency from engaging in any new deals with respect to the use of the ‘Trump’brand or any trademark, trade name, or marketing intangibles associated with The Trump Organization
or Donald J. Trump in any foreign jurisdictions.

Trump Hire Creates Conflict And Concern

In addition to directly breaking the President’s own pledge, this raises concerns, both legal and moral.

To begin with, the firm hired is shady. In 2009, the World Bank accused CSCEC of corruption, and was banned from World Bank-financed contracts for several years. In other words, the foreign firm the Trump Organization hired isn’t even an ethical choice in and of itself.

Furthermore, hiring a foreign firm creates an obvious conflict of interest. McClatchy reports:

“Meredith McGehee, chief of policy, programs and strategy at Issue One, which works to reduce the role of money in politics, said doing business with a foreign entity poses several potential problems for a president, including accusations that a foreign government is enriching him, gaining access to or building goodwill with him and becoming a factor in foreign policy.”

Unlike his predecessors, the President never fully separated from his business upon taking office. Rather than making a clean break, Trump placed his business holdings in a trust “designed to hold assets for his exclusive benefit.” He can receive those benefits at any time, and he retains the authority to revoke the trust at any time, as well.

This move raises questions about the Emoluments Clause in the U.S. Constitution, which forbids American officials from accepting gifts, titles of nobility, or emoluments from foreign governments. The idea that an elected official such as the president could actually profit from his or her office was so abhorrent to the founding fathers that they specifically addressed it in the Constitution.

“This is not just a concern of good government organizations,” McGehee said. “It was a fundamental concern of the Founding Fathers.”

Lastly, the President ran on an “America First” platform, promising to “make America great again” by delivering “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

But apparently he forgot to add that those “jobs, jobs, jobs” would be going to China.

This latest move by the President just shows how deep his corruption runs. In one move, he breaks his own word, violates the Constitution, and screws over American workers.

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And will make a tidy profit in doing so.

The President was never interested in making America great. He has only ever been interested in making himself richer. And this is simply more evidence that proves it.

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