Trump ignores raging wildfire disaster to cyber-bully a black woman on Twitter.

Trump ignores raging wildfire disaster to cyber-bully a black woman on Twitter.

President Trump began his Tuesday by slamming Jemele Hill along with the NFL, Bob Corker and Democrats. He had nothing to say about the California wildfire, however.

Another day, another irrelevant tweetstorm from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As the nation awoke to horrifying images from yet another natural disaster, Donald Trump picked petty fights on Twitter with Democrats, the National Football League, an outgoing Republican Senator and ESPN host Jemele Hill. Notably missing from the 31-minute barrage of insults that began at 5:13 AM Eastern Time was any reference to the spreading wildfires that have claimed the lives of at least 11 people in Northern California since Sunday evening.

Yet the President had time to chastise:

  • The NFL, once again conflating the players’ calls for social justice with a muddled and misguided definition of patriotism…

  • Democrats, for their continued refusal to fulfill his childlike fascination with a magical border wall: 

  • Republicans in Congress, for their inability to repeal the very same legislation they spent seven years promising to repeal: 

  • ESPN’s Jemele Hill, who was suspended for tweeting about “Anthem Directives” issued by the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins. 

  • Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) for being “set up” by the New York Times in an interview that Corker knew was being recorded: 

The President also found the time to congratulate and promote himself — twice, with the latter tweet being strange even by his standards:

In a month defined by natural disasters, Trump again sets his target on people of color

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria decimated the Gulf Coast states and Puerto Rico, costing an estimated $300 Billion combined. Trump’s response, particularly in Puerto Rico, has been widely criticized for being inadequate. But the president has been able to shift the national dialogue away from the destruction at times by publicly berating powerful and influential African-Americans. Jemele Hill is only the most recent.

He brought a fading NFL Protest back into the spotlight by calling the players — all but one who had protested to that point where black — “Sons of Bitches” at an Alabama campaign rally. The next morning he rescinded a White House invitation to the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.

None of this is coincidental. Donald Trump took office with the lowest approval ratings of any president in history, and has spent his first nine months clinging to that tepid support by playing the same dog whistle politics that won him the nomination in the first place. Picking petty fights with influential members of minority communities — be they athletes or Gold Star Parents — is part of this 21st Century Lee Atwater power play.

Don’t expect him to gain popularity with the rest of the country as long as he pushes this agenda.

But don’t expect it to change anytime soon either.

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Photo Credit: Donald J Trump on Twitter; Wikimedia Commons; Pixabay


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