Trump subpoenaed by 'Apprentice' co-star accuser for sexual assault documents

Trump subpoenaed by ‘Apprentice’ co-star accuser for sexual assault documents

Trump has got another subpoena on his head

Long before the horrors of Harvey Weinstein broke the news, there was a lot of controversy surrounding Donald Trump. While most people are only familiar with the leaked Access Hollywood audio conversation between Trump and host Billy Bush (dubbed “Pussygate”), there were accusations against the would-be President long before that, going all the way back to his first wife Ivana, who claimed during their divorce proceedings in 1991 that he raped her while they were married.

The Access Hollywood tape helped spur a domino effect that has brought together a lot of women who claim to have been sexually harassed, in some capacity, by Trump prior to him becoming President. Combined with the BuzzFeed dossier, you have a genuinely strong case to make against him.

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And that is exactly what is happening, thanks to the initiatives of a woman named Summer Zervos. Zervos had met Trump while being a contestant on “The Apprentice,” and, allegedly, found herself violated by the host at the Beverly Hill Hotel in 2007 where she says he groped and kissed her.

Zervos, through her attorney Gloria Allred, has issued a subpoena to the Trump campaign requesting all documents relating to reports of any women who came forward to accuse their candidate of any kind of sexual assault. The very detailed request, which can be read here, makes it very clear that when they say any women, they mean every woman:

“All documents concerning any woman who asserted that Donald J. Trump touched her inappropriately, including any basis for Donald J. Trump’s statements that any such woman or women fabricated, created, or lied about her/their interactions with him, or were motivated to come forward by fame, or “ten minutes of fame,” money, politics or pressure from the Clinton campaign.”

The sad truth is, given Trump’s current bed of power, there is a good chance all of this can be swept under the rug unless more attention is drawn to it. Anyone that believes Trump should be removed from office must actively push the issue, following and sharing news on this court case.

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But the bully pulpit of the presidency can work against him too. When he was a private citizen, he was capable of quieting his alleged victims, such as those who attended the diploma mill Trump University, through having them sign non-disclosure agreements in exchange for a lump some of money. Now as a public servant, and more in the public eye than anyone else alive, everyone will be able to follow the situation to its bitter end.

And now the matter will forever be in the spotlight, unless the President finds a way to distract the public again.

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