Trump Voters Wake Up to Nightmare of TrumpCare: 'Going to be like the Zombie Apocalypse'

Trump Voters Wake Up to Nightmare of TrumpCare: ‘Going to be like the Zombie Apocalypse’

Trump Voters Asked About TrumpCare: ‘I’m Scared’

Regretting votes for president happens every election for one reason or another. But one of the biggest regrets may be knowing you voted for someone that is going to take more money out of your pocket and make your financial life less secure. That is exactly what we are seeing with some voters of Donald Trump as their improved health care brought to them by Obamacare appears on the chopping block in Congress.

During a panel discussion on CNN with a group of Trump voters, the realization of losing Obamacare loomed large. While there was still plenty of support for the president on other issues, the idea of TrumpCare wasn’t so popular.

The clip begins with some mixed feelings from the panel about potential collusion with Russia during the campaign and the ongoing U.S. relationship with Vladimir Putin. It then heads into a distorted discussion about the economy which included a claim that gas prices were down for the first time in eight years. Actually, gas prices began plummeting below three dollars per gallon more than two years ago and have essentially hovered there since. The voters also touted monthly job growth under Trump while failing to acknowledge that Barack Obama left office with a record streak of 75 consecutive months of job growth.

But then came health care and things noticeably shifted. When asked their take on the health care bill, the first word answered was, “Scared”. From there, it didn’t get much better for Trump or TrumpCare. The first panelist continued (full video below):

I have bipolar disorder, it’s a pretty severe case. And I rely on my doctor and many medications to make me stable and able to function in the community. And if he takes that away — Medicaid people, Medicare people, those who are bipolar, no medications, no doctors — it’s going to be like the zombie apocalypse, really running-through-the-streets crazy. He promised something better. And what I’ve seen come off the block is NOT better. It’s scary to me.

The discussion continues with one aspect being clear: cost is definitely still a concern, but they like the improved care.

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Improved care, however, is not what the GOP plan offers according to nonpartisan assessments. And with the revelation today that Ted Cruz’s amendment allowing insurers to offer worse quality plans will be included in the bill, things are getting worse, not better.

It’s clear Republicans have painted themselves into a corner and have little hope of getting out without major damage to their brand. And with their main talking point that Obamacare was spiraling out-of-control getting obliterated recently by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation study, they will struggle even more to sell this bad bill to the American people. And that includes the folks that voted Donald Trump into the White House.

Featured image via YouTube (Fair Use). H/T Raw Story.

Watch: [brid video=”152006″ player=”5260″ title=”Zombie apocalypse Trump voter shares darkest fears about Trumpcare during wild CNN panel”]

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