Trump Tweets That White House is 'Functioning Perfectly,' Promptly Gets His A** Handed to Him

Trump Tweets That White House is ‘Functioning Perfectly,’ Promptly Gets His A** Handed to Him

Donald Trump Wants You To Think He’s Got It Handled

Donald Trump wants you to think he’s ok, the White House is ok, it’s all ok, we’re all fine. Really. No need to worry about anything. He is totally handling the country and the world and everything, and he’s so not spending every moment watching TV coverage, obsessing over it, and then rage-tweeting about it moments later.

And you can believe him because he tweeted about it.

See? Donald Trump wants to you think he’s totally got it handled.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, he really doesn’t. What is the opposite of handled? Because whatever that is, that’s what Donald Trump is doing in the White House.

After all, he doesn’t have time for governing. He is actually too busy watching TV and then rage-tweeting about it.

Trump’s Perfectly Functioning White House

If his White House is “functioning perfectly,” then what the hell is this mess, reported here by the Washington Post?

“The White House has been thrust into chaos after days of ever-worsening revelations about a meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and a lawyer characterized as representing the Russian government, as the president fumes against his enemies and senior aides circle one another with suspicion, according to top White House officials and outside advisers.

“President Trump — who has been hidden from public view since returning last weekend from a divisive international summit — is enraged that the Russia cloud still hangs over his presidency and is exasperated that his eldest son and namesake has become engulfed by it, said people who have spoken with him this week.”

Donald Trump’s own son just openly admitted to colluding with Russians during his daddy’s campaign. And, just in case you didn’t want to take him at his word, he tweeted out the actual emails saying so.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that the White House is so not functioning perfectly…and that it is much too busy trying desperately to do damage control that they are focused on very little else.

In other words, health care, tax cuts and tax reform, along with those “many other things” are taking the backseat to the Russian scandal.

Twitter Trounced Trump Over Desperate Claims

You could practically hear the world LOL when Trump hit the “tweet” button. I mean, he is practically begging to be dragged through the dirt.

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Twitter – and the rest of the entire world – knows that Trump is consumed with his TV coverage. Trump’s desperate tweets claiming otherwise just make him look even more unfit than he already does.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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