Twitter Can't Stop Laughing at Unhinged Chris Christie Guarding His Nachos While Bullying a Fan

Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing at Unhinged Chris Christie Guarding His Nachos While Bullying a Fan

Chris Christie Gets The Twitter Treatment

Twitter is rolling over a picture of Chris Christie, clutching a loaded order of nachos to his chest, bullying a baseball fan.

It’s a typical Christie move. While his approval rating is in the tank, making him literally the most unpopular governor in the country, Chris Christie has no more fucks to give. And, as such, he feels free to be his truest self. And that means closing off beaches so his family can lounge about in private, for example. Or, you know, getting in the face of a baseball fan who was, apparently, one of many heckling the governor during Sunday’s game, and threatening him…all while cradling a towering serving of nachos as if they were a treasure rather than a snack.

(Then again, given the price of concessions at baseball games, and the amount of toppings Christie ladled on, the nachos were probably pretty danged expensive.)

Twitter, of course, is showing Christie absolutely no mercy, taking issue with both his protective stance over his nachos, and his pants.

Because seriously – what is with this guy’s pants? Like, who looks in the mirror at their pants riding waist-high and decides, “These will look much better if I hitch them up a good 8 to 12 inches?” I mean, other than Chris Christie, that is.

And The Tweets Begin

Glad I am not the only one.

It is, indeed.

Me, too, Sam.

Yes. It should hang in the Governor’s Mansion.

I think it may have been the Secret Service Agent with the gun that quieted the guy more than Chris Christie’s lack of nachos, but either situation seems fraught with tension.

You forgot to mention his ability to wear his pants at the same level as his armpits, but other than that, nailed it.

It’s enough to make you misty-eyed, really.

Truly, he is a giant among men.

You can always count on John Fugelsang to completely sum a situation up in 140 characters or less.

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And all of New Jersey silently nods their collective head.

But seriously. Quit trying to be a tough guy, Chris Christie. Just sit down, enjoy your nachos…and rethink your entire pants philosophy.

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

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