Twitter Explodes With Ridicule of Trump's Accidentally Truthful 'Failed' Trumpcare Tweet

Twitter Explodes With Ridicule of Trump’s Accidentally Truthful ‘Failed’ Trumpcare Tweet

That Awkward Moment When You Accidentally Tweet The Truth

Donald Trump mistakenly tweeted the truth this morning.

I know – that should be a major headline, right?

His twitter feed is filling up, as he desperately tries to turn attention away from his eldest son’s open admittance on Russian collusion, and the constant development on that story. And, in a pathetic attempt to reassure the people who actually believe him that yeah, sure, he’s totally still concerned about things like healthcare but, just so you know, it’s not up to him, it’s Congress, so blame them for everything, he tweeted the following:

He repeated the whole “pen in hand” thing, ignoring the fact that every time a president has gotten major healthcare legislation passed, it’s been because he worked his own ass off to lobby it to Congress and the American people.

But the jewel of his tweet was the “failed Obamacare replacement,” which places the failure squarely on the replacement “plans” Congress has tried to pass. (We’re currently on number three, and this one is the worst one of all.)

Twitter Reacts To Trump’s Truthiness

Twitter was quick to point out Trump’s accidental truth telling.

It’s almost certain that Trump’s twitter feed will become a treasure trove as the Russian investigation continues to deepen, and tighten. Trump is in panic mode, and he’s desperate to have America look the other way.

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We won’t, of course. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good laugh at the President’s expense while it all comes crumbling down.

In the mean time, if there are any Republicans actually serious about passing healthcare reform that works to insure the American people rather than simply acting as a massive tax cut for the rich, well…here you go.

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