Twitter Erupts in Flames as Angry Supporters Rage-Quit Trump, Burn MAGA Hats

Twitter Erupts in Flames as Angry Supporters Rage-Quit Trump, Burn MAGA Hats

Trump Supporters Are Burning With Rage

If Donald Trump checks out the twitter feeds of many of his once-ardent supporters, he may find himself scorched.

In wake of rumors over a possible immigration deal with those super-evil liberals on the Democratic side of the aisle, right-wing Trump fans are setting their prized red MAGA caps aflame, and posting the charred remnants of their hopes to eject all brown people from the United States to their twitter feed in protest.

So, when Donald Trump once infamously said that he could shoot someone and still not lose supporters, he may have been right. But what he failed to grasp is that his rabidly xenophobic and racist base would leave in droves if he dared to find away to help Hispanics.

And so, those once snowflake-calling, “lock her up!”-chanting, wall-wanting Trump voters flocked to social media to let their once-beloved leader know what they think, using the hashtag #burnmyMAGAhat and calling Trump #AmnestyDon. Some are even calling for his impeachment.

And guys, watching them turn on themselves is a thing of beauty.

Right Wing Twitter Scorches Trump

You guys seem mad. You mad?

Oh, yeah, they’re mad.

One-term POTUS sounds pretty good to me…if he doesn’t  get impeached first.

They really mean this, because man, those hats ain’t cheap, even if they are made in China.

You bet. Let’s work together on this one. Across the aisle. Bipartisan support.

Oh, and here’s some advise for those hat-burners.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are all this guy:

Image via Twitter

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