UNHINGED: Donald Trump Blames His Putin Problem On Clinton In Insane Twitter Rant

UNHINGED: Donald Trump Blames His Putin Problem On Clinton In Insane Twitter Rant

Donald Trump Is Losing It On Twitter

Donald Trump has hit peak Donald Trump on Twitter. He is angry. He is incoherent. Trump is teetering on the border of sanity and he’s doing it all on social media for the entire world to see.

This is our president, ladies and gentlemen.

As it becomes increasingly clear that the Trump/Russia connection is simply not going to disappear, no matter how many times Trump tries to tank an American company or flies off to golf at Mar-a-Lago, Trump is growing frightened. And he probably should be, as it seems very unlikely that his own hands are clean of any Russian dealings.

As Trump is wont to do, he first blames it all on the media.

Now, that’s rich. The guy who hysterically cries “rigged!” and “voter fraud!” and appears on-air with Alex Jones is accusing the mainstream media of pushing conspiracy theories. And then he claims Fox is “great.” Fox News. The network that literally only gets things right about one-fourth of the time. Sad!

Yes! Blaming Hillary Clinton is a total Republican bonus, and it almost never fails, right? Oh, you did something wrong? YEAH, BUT LOOK AT THE CLINTONS! Only, this time, no one is buying it.

Back to the media again, with an extra dig in at our intelligence communities. Trump is going to have to discredit them, however – chances are, they are digging up quite a bit of dirt on him. Of course, Trump didn’t feel this way when FBI director James Comey came out mere days before the election with a hyped-up Hillary Clinton scandal containing Republicans’ favorite Clinton buzzword: EMAILS.

Donald Trump Tries A Desperate Redirect

Trump’s twitter has a definite desperate, hysteric quality, as he continued his early morning tirade.

Indeed, it is. Almost as serious as having a president who may be in bed with a foreign country.

Ah, there you go. Nothing says good-old-fashioned Republican rant like blaming it all on Obama. But why no mention of how you didn’t even know this had happened, Donald? Did you forget that part?

And he ends with the redirect. Please, America, do not look at the very real, five-alarm fire of a scandal surrounding the presidency. Pay no attention to the president, elected in a questionable contest, who refuses to release tax returns, whose cabinet is full of guys with Russian ties, whose national security adviser Michael Flynn couldn’t even make it a full month before his own Russian connections were exposed. No. Instead, focus on the fact that information was made available to the public! That’s the real scandal!

At least, that’s what Donald Trump wants you to believe. And sadly, many of his followers will probably do just that.

But as the Donald Trump administration – and indeed, his entire presidency – begins to collapse under the weight of its own corruption, Trump’s own culpability will be harder and harder to deny. This will not be his last Twitter tirade. Buckle up, folks – things are starting to happen.

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Screencaps of his Twitter tantrum are below – just in case someone with a better grip on reality manages to convince our president to delete his account, as he should have done months ago. But even if he does delete the latest in his insane tweets, his connections to Vladimir Putin won’t be as easy to disappear.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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