Union Leader Gets Into Twitter Fight With Trump Over Carrier Deal

A Union Leader Is Taking On Trump And Making Him Look Like A Petulant Child (VIDEO)

Trump Starts A Fight With the Indiana Carrier Union Leader

It has not even been a month since Donald Trump was declared the President-elect of the United States and already he has become embroiled in a couple of apparent scandals. First, he appointed corrupt, alt-right figurehead Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist (the beginning of many subsequent deplorables in his cabinet). Then, he made a deal with the refrigerator company Carrier, promising them an astounding $7 million in taxpayer money in exchange for Carrier keeping less than half of its jobs in Indiana, though he later backtracked on this. Then, he broke a nearly 40 year pact by speaking with the Taiwanese President on the phone, angering the Chinese and infringing upon President Obama’s Administration.

Now, it is time to add to that list getting into public heated disputes with union leaders, in this case Mr. Chuck Jones. Tying back to Carrier, Jones is the president of the “United Steelworkers Local 1999,” in other words the union that represents the Indiana workers whose jobs Trump reportedly partly saved. The word reportedly is used here as it turns out the imbecile was significantly over-exaggerating those numbers as well (surprise, surprise!).

Speaking to “The Washington Post”, Jones stated that he had been fighting to keep the jobs from being outsourced long before Trump came on board, but that he was unable to negotiate anything even remotely humane with the disgusting company.

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When Trump arrived, not only did his promise of $700,000/year in taxpayer incentives create long-term problems for the region, but it was not even for 1100 jobs. As Jones points out, only 800 were guaranteed to stay, with the extra 350 being lies. This means, an additional 700 jobs will be moved over to Mexico, putting the deal even more in the red.

As you can expect, this revelation did not bode well with Trump. Taking to Twitter, he unleashed several slanderous insults against Jones:

The hate did not end there, as many of Trump’s deranged supporters found out Jones’s personal information and began harassing him. Jones, having experienced this behavior his entire life, remains unfazed, but the fact that a President-elect actually endangered the life of a private citizen is something we once thought unthinkable in modern times.

Either way, the man continues to be an icon for continuing to bravely challenge the President-elect, and because he has the facts behind him, Trump cannot do anything except continue to act like a spoiled child. Trump spent decades destroying the lives of many innocent people; Jones stood up for the working class. We are going to side with him.

Image by David Becker/Getty Images & MSNBC

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