REPORT: 'Panicked' US Allies 'Dumbfounded' By Trump's Scary Disregard Of Intelligence (VIDEO)

REPORT: ‘Panicked’ US Allies ‘Dumbfounded’ By Trump’s Scary Disregard Of Intelligence (VIDEO)

US Allies Express Concern Over President-elect Trump

Donald Trump is making more than just Americans nervous.

US allies reportedly feel “completely dumbfounded” by President-elect Donald Trump’s open disputes with the CIA, over the intelligence communities’ unanimous reports concluding that Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated a wide-spread attempt to influence the election in Trump’s favor.

Christiane Amanpour, CNN’s chief international correspondent, reported on the reactions throughout the international community, as the next president of the United States launches regular attacks against our own intelligence agencies.

According to Amonpour, US allies veer between “panic and incredulity” as they watch the president-elect openly denigrate and dismiss intelligence.

“I think much of the allies, certainly, the U.S. allies abroad are completely dumbfounded as to why the president-elect has not satisfactorily answered the question of why he believes Russia.”

Americans Aren’t The Only Ones Who Find Trump Panic-Worthy

As Raw Story asked, “if you think President-elect Donald Trump’s regular attacks on his own intelligence are strange, imagine how it looks to people living in other countries.” Apparently, it’s starting to look strange enough that concern is turning to panic.

Amanpour was also dismissive of Trump’s justification that he’s not listening to the intelligence community because he claims they got their intelligence wrong in assessing whether or not Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Amanpour pointed out that this was a “night-and-day” issue. She stated that if the CIA, FBI and NSA unanimously report that they have a high level of confidence that Russian wanted Trump to win the election, and that they carried out plans designed to do just that, then their reports should absolutely carry significant weight with the President-elect.

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However, the president-elect seems intent on not just disregarding the US intelligence agencies that work hard to keep our country safe, but continues to openly antagonize them. This confusing behavior has left many people, both in the United States and across the globe, perplexed and increasingly anxious over the impending Trump presidency.

Watch the clip in the video embedded below.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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