Chilling Caution: GOP Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes Warns Reporter 'Be Careful What You Ask For' (VIDEO)

Chilling Caution: GOP Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes Warns Reporter ‘Be Careful What You Ask For’ (VIDEO)

Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes took the unprecedented step of warning reporters to ‘be careful what you ask for’ on Thursday afternoon. The remark emerged following queries from the press regarding his Committee’s investigation into Russia’s involvement in November’s presidential election.

Devin Nunes, a representative for California, was speaking at a briefing on Thursday relating to the accusations of Russian involvement in the US election when the statement was made. Rep. Devin Nunes, who was a key figure in President Trump’s transition team also stated that:

“Look, I’m sure some of you are in contact with the Russian embassy, so be careful what you ask for here because if we start getting transcripts of any of you or any other Americans talking to the press, then we can – do you want us to conduct an investigation on you or other Americans because you were talking to the Russian embassy? I just think we need to be careful.”

Whether the tone of Rep. Nunes’ comments was intended to be threatening or merely informative of the situation with the FBI remains to be seen. However, at the very least, this languages is indicative of the wider issues that have plagued the Trump administration when it comes to relations with the media.

To date we have seen President Trump claim that a number of news outlets were little more than ‘fake news’. This view has been shared by some of Trump’s closest advisers, most notably Steve Bannon who referred to liberal news outlets as the ‘opposition party’ during a question and answer session at CPAC last week. The conflict between President Trump’s administration and the press reached its apex last Friday when a number of reputable news outlets such as CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian and the BBC were barred from an off camera press briefing.

There is no evidence to suggest that Rep. Nunes was following the example set by President Trump when he made these remarks on Thursday afternoon. However, one thing is for certain: as chair of the House Intelligence Committee he should have known better than to use language with such serious and contentious overtones.

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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