CNN launches ad campaign fighting against Trump's 'fake news' claims

CNN launches biting ad campaign to fire back against Trump’s war on truth

CNN has released a clever new ad to counter Trump’s accusations of the channel being “fake news”

From day one, Trump has been waging a needless, childish war against the media. One of his favorite punching bags has been CNN, which he has called “fake news” on more than one occasion, including in his very first press conference as president.

As CNBC reports, on that occasion, Trump refused to answer a question by a CNN reporter, was an absolute jerk to him and then called his organization fake news. It’s the kind of non-presidential stuff that is to be expected from this president though. From day one this is has been his rhetoric.

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As the Washington Examiner reports, more recently at a rally in late August, Trump’s angry and aggressive devotees started a “CNN sucks” chant as their fearless leader absolutely lambasted the media and came to the defense of one of his biggest mouth-pieces that was dumped by CNN.

“Honestly, these are really, really dishonest people and they’re bad people. And I don’t think they really like our country…CNN is so bad and so pathetic. And they fired Jeffrey Lord. Poor Jeffrey. I guess he was getting a little fired up and he was fighting back a little too hard and they said, ‘we better get rid of him.'”

CNN, for it’s part, is doing what it can to endure the constant bombardment of hate from Trump and his surrogates. Today, they released a new ad that is far from a thinly veiled jab at the president, introducing the hashtag #FactsFirst.

The message seems pretty clear. No matter what lies the president may be trying to peddle, even when the truth is obvious, CNN is committed to facts.

It’s the latest attempt by CNN to set the record straight. Previously, in an editorial from October 5, CNN’s Chris Cillizza, defended his organization, and the media in general, admitting mistakes can be made, but for the most part there is a dedication to putting out accurate information.

“Yes, the media — including me — do occasionally get things wrong. But, in virtually every case, those mistakes are honest ones — slip-ups made in an honest pursuit of the truth. And, when an error is found, steps are made to publicly remedy the mistake to keep misinformation from seeping into the public’s consciousness.”

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And, as the editorial points out, Trump loves to spread false information more than anyone and doesn’t do a single thing to correct himself. He just lies through his teeth and shows no remorse what-so-ever. The Washington Post has been keeping track of the lies and as of today, Trump was up to 1,318 false or misleading statements since he took office. That makes Trump himself the king of fake news.

Can CNN be blamed for fighting back here? They have a reputation to maintain after all. And, well, when it comes to his allegations against the media, Trump is just plain wrong. The world needs to know this. Trump is doing what he accuses the media of doing and this ad does a pretty decent job of pointing out that fact. So, beware of fake news. No, it isn’t CNN, it’s Trump himself.

Feature image by Shawn Thew/Getty Images

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