SURPRISE! Putin Fingerprints All Over 'Foreign Agent' Flynn's Connection to Turkey

SURPRISE! Putin Fingerprints All Over ‘Foreign Agent’ Flynn’s Connection to Turkey

twisted loyalties

As it turns out, Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s disgraced former national security adviser, not only had close relations with Russia but had also worked as a “foreign agent” for the Turkish government – which is now emerging as a NATO turncoat, and a new client state of Russia.

Flynn resigned from the White House just last month, and has now registered himself and his firm, Flynn Intel Group Inc., with the Justice Department as Foreign Agents. This after revelations that his firm was paid more than half a million dollars (approximately $530,000) for lobbying on behalf of the Turks, described as work which;

“…could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey.”

Dubious timing

According to The Associated Press, the lobbying work was conducted from August through November while working as a top adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign, and continued until just three days before President Trump appointed him for the job of National Security Advisor.

This timing is dubious, considering events revolving around Turkey and Russia on the world stage, as well as the events of the campaign at the time. Internationally, Turkey was in the process of switching loyalties. Once loyal to NATO, which Trump has sought to financially undermine, Erdogan’s Turkey was making moves to get closer to Putin’s Russia.

The timing of Flynn’s lobbying is also raising questions about the Trump Administration’s vetting process, and what might have been known about Flynn’s lobbying and connections to Russia by the Trump Administration, and by whom, and when. Questions whose answers now seem to indicate that President Trump himself may have been aware of Mr. Flynn’s twisted loyalties – and that others in the administration certainly knew.

Yet, according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, President Trump was unaware of this when he appointed Flynn. Spicer alslo declared the President was unaware whether Flynn was involved in anything else about foreign policy regarding Turkey. And, as reported by CNBC, Spicer also tried to downplay FLynn’s link with Turkey as merely a “personal” matter.

Plus, as The Washington Post reported, attorneys for Flynn informed the White House twice during the transition that he might need to register with the government as a foreign agent. But this raised no alarms within Trump’s team. And sure enough, the former National Security Advisor and his company have now filed retroactive documents with the Department of Justice to register as a foreign agent.

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So what about Congress? Flynn sailed through Confirmation hearings in Congress. What about their vetting efforts? Well, it seems Congress might have been aware of the work done, but no paperwork had been filed before. Which means that Congress may have been aware that Mr. Flynn was both a foreign agent, and committing a felony by not reporting that status.

As explained by The Guardian;

“Under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, US citizens who lobby on behalf of foreign governments or political entities must disclose their work to the justice department. Willfully failing to register is a felony, though the justice department rarely files criminal charges in such cases.”

Anti-American Lobbying

Part of Flynn’s lobbying for the Turks was pushing for the extradition of “radical” cleric Fethullah Gullen (as discussed in an insightful op-ed in The Hill), who the Turkish government accused of orchestrating last year’s failed coup, but to whom the U.S. provides asylum. Flynn wrote about Gulen building a “a dangerous sleeper terror network” and criticized Obama’s administration for harboring the cleric, whom Flynn hyperbolically compared to Osama bin Laden without any evidence or basis, and called instead for support of the dictatorial, oppressive, brutal and human rights violating regime of Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan:

“It is time we take a fresh look at the importance of Turkey and place our priorities in proper perspective. We need to adjust our foreign policy to recognize Turkey as a priority. We need to see the world from Turkey’s perspective,” Flynn wrote.

Despite the fact that Flynn’s contract ended before becoming Trump’s adviser, as a campaign surrogate he was working for another government. And not just any foreign government, but one which was actively switching it’s loyalties from the United States, to Russia, under the control of a strongman dictator.

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In short, in lobbying for Turkey against the American government, even as the Erdogan government switched loyalties from the US to Putin, and Russia, Flynn was lobbying against American interests, in support of strongmen dictators who do not share America’s values.

So it would seem one can’t underestimate the scope of Michael Flynn’s role in the Trump/Russia scandal. it’s not just that Flynn had contact with the Russians during the Campaign. He also acted as an agent of a foreign nation, just as that nation began it’s shift in loyalties away from the US, and towards Russia.

And behind it all, there’s Vladimir Putin, pulling the strings.

Michael Flynn by Drew Angerer/Getty Images News, Russian President Vladimir Putin by Toru Yamanaka – Pool/Getty Images.

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