Harvard Psychiatrist's Urgent 'Duty to Warn:' Donald Trump 'Very Sick,' a 'Sociopath'

Harvard Psychiatrist’s Urgent ‘Duty to Warn:’ Donald Trump ‘Very Sick,’ a ‘Sociopath’

Harvard Psychiatrist Lance Dodes Paints Scary Picture Of Republican Donald Trump

To the surprise of few observers, mental health professionals have been sounding the alarm on Republican Donald Trump for a long time. Even during the campaign last year, psychologists were pointing out Trump was a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder. In January of this year, a Johns Hopkins’ psychologist suggested “malignant narcissism” fit Trump’s mental health. But it didn’t stop there.

In February, 35 doctors and mental health professionals signed an open letter warning of Trump’s stability, stating he was “incapable” of holding office. Yale held a conference of professionals in April to discuss whether the Republican president was “too mentally ill to serve”.

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The discussion over Trump’s mental health has also led to some odd situations and reports this year. The American Psychoanalytic Association relaxed its version of the “Goldwater Rule” to allow members to publicly discuss Trump in the interest of the public. A bill was put forth in Congress to create the position of a White House psychiatrist, similar to the requirement of a doctor in the office. And some have suggested the presence of some of Trump’s family in the White House has been to help hide his mental decline.

Which brings us to a new interview with Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes. When asked about Donald Trump and what his mental state may be, Dodes was as direct as an obviously reluctant mental health professional can be. He referenced a “duty to warn” when discussing the “Goldwater Rule”, which typically gags mental health professionals on these matters. Then came a long look at what may be a reasonable diagnosis for Trump.

Sociopathy itself is a sign of a very sick individual, someone with a lying, cheating and emotional disorder…It is not just bad behavior that people have to lie and cheat the way he does, it is an incapacity to treat other people as full human beings. That is why his focus is on humiliating others to aggrandize himself, as he did in the Republican primaries when he was debating and calling people names. The same thing applies to Hispanic immigrants and separating the children from their parents. That is a very, very serious mental and emotional problem. Normal people have normal empathy. It is part of being a human being.

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Dodes goes on the warn about “malignant narcissism” along with the possibility Trump may attack North Korea to create a needed crisis for himself. He also points to the fact Trump’s disorders are likely to have helped him get where he is in the business world. This would mirror past research that has shown a startling number of CEOs display sociopathic behavior.

All in all, it’s just another day and another Ivy League mental health professional sounding the alarm on Republican Donald Trump. Maybe we are just getting too used to this?

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