'Hung From a Tall Tree': GOP Rep Calls For Lynching to Defend Confederate Statues

‘Hung From a Tall Tree’: GOP Rep Calls For Lynching to Defend Confederate Statues

Republican State Rep Warren Love Faces Calls For Resignation After Inflammatory Social Media Post

The fight over Civil War participation trophies continues and it’s no surprise when someone goes over the line trying to defend them. What might be surprising is just how far elected Republicans will go to defend and even call for violence against those wanting to see the Confederate monuments moved. Another example of this comes from Missouri Republican State Rep Warren Love.

Love recently shared a story on social media about vandals throwing paint on a Confederate statue. Along with the story, he commented:

This is totally against the law. I hope they are found & hung from a tall tree with a long rope. National Veterans Cemetery in Springfield, Mo.

A fellow Republican in the Missouri House, Shamed Dogan, posted a screen shot of the comment and called Love out for the post on Twitter, saying:

Vandalizing property is wrong, but hoping for people to be hung/lynched over it?? Way over the line!! What is wrong with us ?

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Warren Love later apologized for the post in a statement to the media.

“What I said was a stupid remark and I am Sorry to everyone that it offends,” Love wrote.

He added he had not intended to incite violence in calling for a public hanging, and that he “was only using and (sic) old Cowboy Statement that is a western custom of a penalty for Thieves that steal Cattle & Horses.”

Love’s post led to calls for his resignation. U.S. Senator and Democrat Claire McCaskill said Love should resign in a statement just weeks after asking for a Democrat in the state senate to resign over a different incident involving an online threat to Republican Donald Trump.

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This isn’t the first controversial social media post by Republican Warren Love this year. The Missouri Democratic Party shared another post from Love earlier this year where the Republican had rather harsh words for Abraham Lincoln on the late president’s birthday. The state rep called Lincoln “the greatest tyrant and despot in American history” and stated he “destroyed the Constitution”. So much for that whole “party of Lincoln” thing Republicans love to say endlessly.

It’s clear the debate surrounding Confederate statues will go on. Let’s just hope the leaders in government can tone the rhetoric down to less terrorist-like levels.

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