Make America Great Again? Trump Continues To Ignore U.S Workers In Favor Of Low Paid Foreign Staff

Make America Great Again? Trump Continues To Ignore U.S Workers In Favor Of Low Paid Foreign Staff

Fresh from being selected as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Donald Trump must be feeling pretty good. So good that he has forgotten all about his pre-election promise to make America great again. Yes, instead of delivering on his promise to create jobs for American workers, Donald has gone and done the exact opposite and icontinued to hire low paid foreign staff in his luxurious hotels.

Reports from Florida indicate that Trump will continue to employ significant numbers of foreign staff rather than delivering on his promise to invest in U.S workers. It has been reported that as Trump was on the campaign stump calling for tighter immigration control, mass deportation of illegal immigrants and a ban on Muslims entering the country, his resort at the Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida was adding 64 foreign staff to the 69 that it hired last year.

What’s worse is the fact that Trump will actually pay certain foreign workers less than he did last year. Information revealed from the Department of Labor indicates that the president-elect will pay 19 cooks 12.74 USD an hour down on the 13.01 USD they received last year. While waiting and housekeeping staff will receive increases of less than one percent.

In Trump’s defense, most other hotels and country clubs in the location pay similar rates to their foreign staff. The difference is, all the other hotel owners in the Palm Beach didn’t run a successful presidential campaign on a promise of bringing jobs back to America and reducing the number of foreign workers in the country. In the last week, the president-elect has had public spats with Ford and Carrier for their proposal to move jobs to Mexico, all the while he has increased the number of low-paid foreign staff he hires. This is despite the fact that figures from the Palm Beach Labor Market indicate that 35,766 were officially unemployed in October.

Photo Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

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