Bombshell Book Author: '100%' of Trump Insiders Believe 'Child' Trump is Unfit For Office

Bombshell Book Author: ‘100%’ of Trump Insiders Believe ‘Child’ Trump is Unfit For Office

Michael Wolff Delivers Explosive Interview About Donald Trump, Suggests His Mental Health Might Be Failing

Michael Wolff, author of the new book documenting the embarrassing Donald Trump White House, gave a must-watch interview defending his book on the Today Show this morning. And while there’s a lot to unpack, his illustration paints an overall picture of the president with one clear reality in mind: he’s unfit for the job. And things might quickly be getting even worse.

Wolff spoke with Savannah Guthrie after the release date for the book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, got moved up to today amid the buzz. The author told Guthrie that everyone around Trump in the White House thinks he is unfit for the job, and his mental faculties might be failing at a rapid pace.

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He begins by batting away criticisms from the White House and essentially laughs at the threats of legal action that have emerged from the Trump team. He notes this has been the M.O. of the Republican when faced with this type of scrutiny since long before he was inaugurated last year. He also says Trump has “less credibility than perhaps anyone who has ever walked on earth”.

The interview then gets to the “overarching theme”, which is that Donald Trump is unfit for office and even the people around him and closest to him acknowledge that. When asked about that point, Wolff doesn’t mince words. (Full video below)

WOLFF: 100 percent of the people around him –

GUTHRIE: Jared Kushner, his son-in-law?  Ivanka Trump question his fitness for office?

WOLFF: …Certainly Jared and Ivanka in their current situation, which is in a deep legal quagmire, are putting everything on the president. “It’s not us. It’s him.”

The author then goes on to mention the other ways people around the president talk about Donald Trump.

WOLFF: I will tell you the one description that everyone gave, that everyone has in common, they all say “he is like a child”. And what they mean by that is he has a need for immediate gratification. It’s all about him.

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He goes on the say senior people in the White House call Trump a “moron” and “an idiot” and that he does not read or listen. This echoes reports in the past of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster allegedly calling his boss an “idiot” and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly calling Trump a “moron”.

Then the conversation takes an even darker turn. The exchange speaks for itself.

GUTHRIE: The president’s close advisers…have noticed him repeating stories, expression for expression you say, within a short period of time –

WOLFF: – In a SHORTENED period…People would point out that, in the beginning, it was like every 25 or 30 minutes, you would get the same 3 stories repeated. Now it’s the same 3 stories in every ten minutes.

He goes on to quote Steve Bannon by simply saying of Trump: “He’s lost it.”

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Scrutiny of the president’s mental health has increased lately, as even one Republican Senator recently sat in on meetings with a Yale psychiatrist to a group of lawmakers on the matter.

Questions about fitness for office have justifiably surrounded Donald Trump since long before he became president. And this new Michael Wolff book will unquestionably bring those criticisms to a fever pitch.

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