Not Angry, Just Disappointed: Obama's Reaction To Trump's Wire Tapping Claims Shows His Class

Not Angry, Just Disappointed: Obama’s Reaction To Trump’s Wire Tapping Claims Shows His Class

The sight of a sitting president of the United States accusing his immediate predecessor of wire tapping sounds like a scene from a fictional, and slightly far-fetched, political drama. However, this is exactly where we find ourselves in 2017. Thankfully for all involved Barack Obama is displaying the same composure and maturity outside of the White House as he did within it. His response to the wire tapping allegation made by President Trump illustrated this perfectly. Highlighting again, that he is certainly more Jed Bartlett than Frank Underwood.

Reports emerging from NBC today indicate that Obama was more disappointed than angry at the unfounded allegations that President Trump made against him. Peter Alexander has cited a source close to the former president who stated that he simply ‘rolled his eyes’ when first being informed of Trump’s wire tapping allegation.

The source, who spoke with Alexander at NBC on the condition of anonymity, also claimed that the former president was far more concerned that the Trump’s statement would ‘undermine the integrity of the office’ rather than any offence that it may have been caused on a personal level. The source in question went onto suggest that if anything, Obama was more more worried about the policies being deployed by President Trump. This included concerns such as removing working Americans from affordable health insurance, persisting with a travel ban on citizens of Muslim majority countries and rolling back on climate change regulation.

This assertion of Obama’s behavior is certainly in keeping with his calm and collected that we saw demeanor during his two-term presidency but is is in contrast to a report on the Wall Street Journal from Tuesday which suggested Obama reacted in a more furious manner to Trump’s allegations.

In reality, there is no way of knowing for certain how he reacted to this wire tapping allegation. However, given what we do know of his character, the former seems like a far more plausible scenario than the latter.

When Donald Trump took to Twitter on Saturday to make this most serious of wire against his predecessor Barack Obama, it appears that he did so without any conclusive evidence from the FBI or other security details. We are unfortunately becoming more and more accustomed to these acts of political petulance. However, things weren’t always like that. Not so long ago the United States had a president who did things the right away and, irrespective of your opinion on a particular policy or ideology that he held, you could be assured that his response would be reasoned and presidential. Unfortunately, President Trump’s first six plus weeks in office have been anything but. Perhaps he can take some lessons from how his predecessor dealt with this situation and get on with the job of being president.

Hat tip to Peter Alexander at NBC for his insightful journalism on the article Source: Obama ‘Rolled His Eyes’ at Unsubstantiated Trump Wiretapping Claims’, and to Carol L. Lee at the Wall Street Journal for her article Rapport Between Donald Trump, Barack Obama Crumbles’

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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