Tax Day Protesters and Lawsuit Demand Trump Release Tax Returns

Tax Day Protesters Demand Trump Release Tax Returns – And Now the IRS is Being Sued for Them

What Will It Take to Get Trump to Release His Tax Returns. Protests? Law Suit? Hell Freezing Over?

Donald Trump would love it if people just dropped the issue of him refusing to release his tax returns. But, if the past few days has shown anything it is that Americans are not about to let him off the hook anytime soon. They aren’t prepared to just drop it.

On Saturday, citizens across the country took to the streets in protests demanding Trump do his patriotic duty by releasing his tax returns. USA Today reports that march organizers estimate 100,000 people took part.

Of course, Donald Trump wasn’t impressed by what he saw and took to twitter to blast protesters for wanting him to be transparent about his finances. How dare they! How dare Americans expect their President to open and honest with them!

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According to The Hill, one group is taking the matter one step farther by suing the IRS in an effort to get them to release all of Trump’s returns from 2010 to present. The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to force the issue and explained what their intent is in a press release.

“Donald J. Trump’s failure to release his tax returns is unprecedented and goes against the long-standing tradition of candidates for the US presidency. The release of President Trump’s tax returns would help determine whether statements regarding his business relations with Russia and the Russian government are correct or not correct.”

It is true, by releasing his tax returns, it would answer a lot of questions about what Trump has been up to. Why won’t he release them? What is he trying to hide and why? Americans continue to show that they want to know. They want Trump to release his damn tax returns.

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C.J. Ingram, who took part in the Washington DC rally, told MSN that she definitely wants some answers.

“I’m really mad because he made Barack Obama produce his birth certificate, and he’s not even producing his tax returns. Come on, really? What are you hiding?”

Furthermore, does Trump really think avoiding releasing his tax returns is going to end well for him, or the Republicans as a whole? Does he not see that his stubbornness could hurt his party’s chances come mid-term elections? Or thatit could destroy his own re-election chances? As an op-ed in the Chicago Tribune points out, Trump is playing a risky game and he will probably come out on the losing end.

“Trump’s ire at the protesters will only embolden them, provide Democrats with fuel for their candidates and increase interest in his financial records as part of the Russia probe. Perhaps what is in the records is so damaging that it’s worth losing one or both houses of Congress. Right now, it sure looks that way.”

Feature image by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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