'Listen Up!' WW2 Vet Bitterly SHREDS Trump's Russian Treason In This Take-No-Prisoners Ad (VIDEO)

‘Listen Up!’ WW2 Vet Bitterly SHREDS Trump’s Russian Treason In This Take-No-Prisoners Ad (VIDEO)

As Donald Trump’s presidency edges closer to the one hundred day mark, the one thing that we can say for certain is that nothing is no longer for certain. This uncertainty is particularly pronounced when assessing US-Russian relations since the 45th President of the United States was inaugurated on January 20th. With Russian President Vladimir Putin continuing to cast a dark shadow over Trump’s early weeks in office, it comes as no surprise that a WW2 vet has appeared in a video castigating President Trump’s questionable relationship with Russia.

Watch WW2 Vet Destroy Trump In Moving Video

The video which was brilliantly put together by the progressive American veterans group VoteVets, contains a stirring testimony from Jay Wenk who fought in General Patton’s Third Army as a rifleman during World War II. The ad which is being broadcast during commercial time on a number of shows that are most favorable to President Trump – namely MSNBC’S Morning Joe, Fox News’ Fox and Friends and CNN’s New Day – is proving to be a real success. Scheduled in advertisement slots where they know the president will see it first hand, the ad is attracting a lot of attention and it is easy to see why.

Speaking directly to the camera WW2 vet Jay Wenk scathingly reacts to the ongoing debacle surrounding Trump’s ties to Russia and the former Soviet State’s interference in November’s presidential election. Making specific reference to Trump’s recent remarks regarding General Patton, Mr. Wenk states that:

I served under General Patton and I saw him up close, and the thing he’d be most shocked by is you.

Only time will tell what awaits us in the weeks and months ahead as the scarcely believable relationship between Putin and Trump unravels further before our eyes. However, one thing is for certain,  this most damning indictment from an esteemed WW2 vet is a clear signal of what some of those who fought so bravely to defend the United States feel about the current commander in chief.

Photo Credit: Kent Nishimura/Getty Images

Hat Tip to VoteVets

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