Trump Deplorable Blames Mexicans For Anti-Semitic Rant (VIDEO)

Jew-Hating Trump Deplorable Blames Mexicans For His Anti-Semitic Ranting (VIDEO)

Well, This Could Be The Lamest Way In History To Try And Cover Up Anti-Semitism

So, you know that dude who yelled “Jew-S-A” towards reporters at a Trump rally in Phoenix? Well, it turns out that he has a perfectly good explanation for his anti-Semitic phrasing. It’s those damn Mexicans! Yup, that’s why he was yelling “Jew-S-A”.

The uber-deblorable in question is long-time house painter George Lindell who also called the press “the enemy” in his rant. But, the way he explains it to Buzzfeed, clearly everyone who watched the video just completely misinterpreted it.

“I’m around Mexican people all the time. I speak Spanish a lot. That’s just the way I say it.”

Oh gosh, don’t you feel ridiculous now for thinking he was being a completely horrid anti-Semitic deplorable? He was merely talking all Mexican and stuff.

Unfortunately, his odd explanation doesn’t exactly explain why he said, “We’re [hard to hear word that seems to be worked] by the Jews, okay?”

Wait, what? Hold on. Is that some kind of obscure Spanish saying of some sort?

According to Politico, Hope Hicks from the Trump campaign tried to distance themselves from ol’ George.

“The campaign strongly condemns this kind of rhetoric and behavior. It is not acceptable at our rallies or elsewhere.”

Riiiiiiiggggghtttt. Got it. Yes, if there is one thing that Donald Trump rallies are known for is reasonable, rational, well thought out behavior.

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In fact, Trump only helped make things WORSE, if you can imagine (assuredly you can) by adding jibes to the press himself.

“Towards the end of Trump’s speech, as the travelling press filed out of the pen to wait by Trump’s motorcade backstage, the Republican nominee called reporters “terrible people” and said that the media won’t tell the public that the national murder rate is at a 45-year high, a false claim that Trump regularly repeats at his rallies.”

Now for a bit of trivia fun: Did you know that Mr. Jew-Hater had previously been a super star in the world of viral videos? Oh ya, man. He hit the big time after describing a traffic accident in animated detail to a news station. Apparently, the dude has a thing for attention.

[brid video=”71904″ player=”5260″ title=”Arizona man gives the best description of a car accident EVER!!(George Lindell)”]

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Chris Hearn is an ageing freelance writer located in wintery Winnipeg. He is a stay-at-home-parent, amateur stand-up comedian, and a guy with a lot of opinions, much to everyone’s dismay.