Trump's Pathological Lies Threatening America's Security, Expert Warns

Trump’s Pathological Lies Threatening America’s Security, Expert Warns

consequences of Trump’s lies could be disastrous for America

It has been clear since the presidential campaign that Donald Trump has a very peculiar relationship with information and facts; he hates the truth and he loves the lies. The problem is that his pathological need for lies, aside of being an excellent source for memes and jokes, could have serious consequences for the country.

Frida Ghitis, a world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald and World Politics Review, and a former CNN producer and correspondent, recently published a fantastic column in CNN in relation to this. As she points out, Trump’s relationship with the truth – specifically “his penchant for promoting unfounded stories and conspiracies theories” is not just a flaw, but actually a technique the President has repeatedly used for self-promotion in both his political and his business career.

“By claiming that factual reports are “fake news,” he undermines the credibility of his critics. By “gaslighting,” the country, blurring the lines between fact and fiction, he gets to write his own version of the truth. And by putting out shocking conspiracy tales and wild allegations, he changes the subject at just the right time.”

The thing is that Trump is now President of the Unites States; the most powerful country in the world. And as any politician or student of international affairs perfectly knows, power is not only about military might and economic strength. Power is also soft; it relies on diplomatic skills, the ability to persuade and lure, entice and attract others. For decades, the U.S. has been aware of this and has strongly worked on its soft power skills by proving to be a reliable country as a leader and as an ally. Yet, in less than three months President Trump’s desperate need to spread false claims and accuse anyone who speaks against him has made of him a global embarrassment, which in turn threatens America’s position in the world.

The President has repeatedly lied to all citizens – and, problematically, many do believe him – especially those who want to. Those who believe IN him. And Trump hasn’t only been lying to American citizens, he has also made false claims and avoided reality in the international arena – an area in which things the United States President says are not so blindly accepted.

Recently, the White House had to publicly apologize to the United Kingdom after false accusing the British intelligence agency GCHQ of spying. And it was Press Secretary Sean Spicer who had to make the humiliating appearance, further damaging his credibility – which is now in tatters. Meanwhile President Trump has tried to wash his hands of any responsibility and blame Fox News for it. Even when asked about the incident directly, and in person, by German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And, as Ghitis explains:

“What should concern every citizen is that Trump’s crumbling credibility will not be limited to him. America itself is losing credibility. If the president of the United States cannot be taken at his word, America’s arguments on the global stage will be easily dismissed. This will have profound and very specific consequences as the country faces new and old challenges, which will require the support of other nations.”
Unfortunately, Trump’s false accusations have scored him points domestically among an electorate which, to an unfortunate degree, seems not to understand the international ramifications, and how that blows back on Americans at home, and abroad.
It would seem that by continually hurling lies at the drop of a hat, President Trump has forgotten about the fact that the U.S. does need other countries. What has helped him politically, is only hurting the country. The U.S. is losing all credibility, all moral authority, and with this all the characteristics of a leader and a friend. As it loses this, America loses power. If the U.S. wants to fight a global threat, it’s claims must be convincing; if the U.S. wants to trade, its numbers must be reliable; if the U.S. wants to lead, it must be worth following.
The Presidency is no game, and running a country isn’t even close to running a business. For the sake of the country and its people, this peculiar relationship President Trump has with the truth has to change.

Featured image via Isaac Brekken/Getty Images News

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From Mexico City, Carolina has lived in five different countries, experiences she defines as the most enriching. She has focused her studies and work on international conflicts and international security issues, diplomacy and protocol. Carolina holds two MA degrees and hopes to begin her PhD studies soon.