Watch Trump's Homeland Security Chief Exposed as a Total Fraud With 2 Basic Questions

Watch Trump’s Homeland Security Chief Exposed as a Total Fraud With 2 Basic Questions

Senators Kamala Harris And Cory Booker Expose Kirstjen Nielsen Lack Of Preparedness

Today, one of the newest members of the Republican Donald Trump administration took a turn at testifying to the Senate. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen took questions on an array of issues, including whether she heard racist comments by the president during a meeting on immigration last week.

Like some other Republicans in the room at the time, Nielsen essentially claimed she simply didn’t hear it. This is despite the fact Senators from both sides of the aisle have, in fact, confirmed Trump’s racist remarks.

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But Nielsen was also grilled on another pertinent issue while answering questions: DACA. And considering her performance on two questions from Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, she might need a little more work before beginning to address it.

Harris asked Nielsen about making those eligible for DACA aware of their ability to file for it on the government website. That’s when Nielsen made a deceptive slip that Harris immediately caught. Here’s the exchange:

HARRIS: Will you commit to providing direct notice to all DACA recipients about their ability and right to renew?

NIELSEN: I will look into that, yes ma’am. It’s posted on the website and its posted for anyone who is a current DACA recipient that they can read it and understand how they can reapply. 

HARRIS: It is also posted on your website…that we are no longer accepting initial or renewal requests for deferred action for childhood arrivals. Are you aware that that’s on your website right now?

NIELSEN: No, I am not.

HARRIS: I would suggest that you get to that right away. 

Senator Cory Booker pointed out that Dreamers live lives just like American-born citizens in terms of what they do for the country, including hundreds currently serving in the military. He then assumed Nielsen had at some point met with Dreamers to hear their stories and asked just to make sure. She hadn’t. Neither since she has become DHS Secretary nor before.

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The negotiations on DACA continue as Senators try to reach a deal to avoid a shutdown. An overwhelming majority of Americans favor protections for DACA recipients. But Donald Trump and Republicans have been essentially holding the issue hostage to get funding for the border wall Mexico was supposed to pay for, according to the president.

Whether the shutdown will be avoided remains to be seen. But it’s clear Kirstjen Nielsen might want to be a little more prepared when showing up for her next appearance to discuss DACA. And she might want to pay a little more attention to what the president is saying the next time he’s being racist.

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