Ex-CIA Analyst: Wiretap Claims Could Bring Trump Down

Ex-CIA Analyst: Wiretap Claims Could Backfire on Trump and Bring Him Down (AUDIO)

Trump May Have Shot Himself In The Foot With Wiretap Accusations Against Obama ?

So far, nothing has managed to bring down Teflon Don Trump, despite all of the ridiculous lies, manipulation and conflicts of interest.

But, could that all be about to change with his latest gaffe? Could accusing the Obama administration of wiretapping be his undoing? Those waiting for the hammer to fall could finally get their wish, or be frustratingly amazed at how Donald Trump keeps getting away with this stuff.

According to the Independent, Aki Peritz, former CIA counter-terrorism analyst says that he might not get away with this much longer.

“When director Comey comes out and probably repudiates this accusation by the president, we’ve set up a very interesting uncharted place where you have one of our top law enforcement officials going up against the president. This could be a matter that brings down a president. It also could be nothing at all.”

It seems that when it comes to Donald Trump, every new development is an “uncharted place” and no one seems to know exactly what will happen.

Many are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what is going on in Donald Trump’s brain when as he makes these accusations.  And they truly do appear to be baseless as Aki Peritz states.

“If the President is to be believed, Barack Obama had done something that is completely out of character and has not been done since the 1970s, and even then that caused all kind of scandal during the Nixon years.”

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Now, the possibility does exist that Donald Trump may be telling the truth, but as Buzzfeed reports, Rep. Lindsay Graham points out that the reasons the Obama administration would have wiretapped Trump’s phones is because Trump was doing something that required the FBI to investigate him…like, say, making deals with Russia.

“The other side of the story, if the former president of the United States was able to obtain a warrant, lawfully, to monitor Trump’s campaign for violating the law, that would be the biggest scandal since Watergate.”

Trump’s goal may have been to distract the media and critics from accusations of connections to Russia, but he might have inadvertently made himself appear even guiltier by taking this ill thought out route.

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What is certain is that by making these claims, Trump is destroying confidence in the US across an already concerned global community. Why does Trump keep undermining the credibility of the country he is supposed to be leading in such a ridiculous way? How is the rest of the world supposed to trust Trump or the United States when it seems like chaos and confusion reign in Washington?

If Russia’s ultimate goal in getting behind Donald Trump was to cause instability in the West, they are getting their money’s worth with him as the Globe and Mail points out.

“That’s a real fear for Mr. Trump’s presidency – that even if he’s not actually some kind of Manchurian candidate carrying out Russian President Vladimir Putin’s commands, he is doing things that will fulfill Mr. Putin’s desire for a weaker West. It’s not just dissension within the United States. Its allies, allies like Canada, should fear the uncertainty over US leadership on the world stage.”

If the world was a just place, this should be the kind of stunt that does bring Donald Trump down. But, thus far nothing seems to be able to do it, and this leaves Americans and the rest of the world sitting on the edge wondering what ridiculous thing he will do or say next. How long can this uncertainty and turmoil last?

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