Watch British PM Jolt Trump from a Dazed Stupor in Humiliating G20 Moment Caught on Video

Watch British PM Jolt Trump from a Dazed Stupor in Humiliating G20 Moment Caught on Video

Donald Trump Keeps Getting Lost – Physically And Mentally

Donald Trump had another – well, let’s call it a “senior moment” – during the G20 meeting, amidst world leaders, while on camera.

Whether he was simply daydreaming about his next tweet, or perhaps just unable to comprehend the conversation going on around him, Trump’s inattention became apparent when the world leaders turned in unison, on cue, to face the camera. All of them, that is, but Trump, who was left hunched over in his typical hulking way, facing the wrong direction.

Angela Merkel found it amusing. And it was Pritish Prime Minister Theresa May who had to touch him in order to get his attention and have him turn – much like a teacher with an unruly student.

This comes on the heels of two other strange incidents in which Donald Trump appeared lost, confused, befuddled by life in general.

Earlier this month, as he deplaned Air Force One, he wandered aimlessly off onto the tarmac, until he was redirected by Secret Service, who steered him back to the gigantic limousine he walked by in complete oblivion.

And then, while in Poland, the President wandered aimlessly out from behind the bullet-proof screen and stood apishly on-stage, appearing to be unaware of what he should do next, or where he should go, or where he even stood.

And there’s this one, too, for good measure. Trump simply has a history of this type of behavior.

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The president seems easily confused. And as the man who also has access to the nuclear codes, it isn’t a comforting thought.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images

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