Watch Jon Stewart LOSE IT Over Trump Win, Hilariously Escape To His 'Happy Place'

Watch Jon Stewart LOSE IT Over Trump Win, Hilariously Escape To His ‘Happy Place’

Jon Stewart Inserts Sanity Into Insane Time

Who doesn’t miss Jon Stewart?

Sure, we get it. Everyone deserves happiness, and his, apparently, is on some weird farm in New Jersey (did you know they even had farms in New Jersey?), rescuing tiny horses and hanging with his family. And frankly, his absence does make the heart grow fonder. When he does appear on television, liberals rejoice, because surely Jon Stewart can make sense of all the things that went wrong…right?

Well, sort of.

As Samantha Bee wrapped up another episode of her fabulously funny and fiercely smart show, Full Frontal, she talked about the blame game currently being played. Bernie supporters blame the DNC. Clinton supporters blame Bernie for damaging Clinton. Clinton blames the media and the media blames Clinton for blaming the media.

Bee Pokes Fun At The Blame Game

As for Samantha Bee, she blames herself – for not seizing the opportunity to take Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson out of the game in a permanent manner.

She ended with this.

“I want to wish you peace and comfort whether your holiday involves drinking enough to cope with your dad’s joy, or hastily marrying whichever of your friends seems most likely to get deported, or just binge-watching 93 hours of ‘West Wing,’ I hope you find your happy place…like this guy.”

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Cue Jon Stewart – and watch his reaction to the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency for yourself. It may be one of the few sane responses we’ve seen all week.

Here it is…your moment of zen.

Image via Full Frontal / screen grab

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Samantha was born and raised in the Midwest and is proof that liberals exist everywhere, even in Missouri.