Watch Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Explain Where We're At Because 'Trump Continues to Happen'

Watch Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Explain Where We’re At Because ‘Trump Continues to Happen’

Stephen Colbert and his team at the Late Show had their Friday night episode all shot, edited, and ready for broadcast. “In the can” as the showbiz types still say. And then they had to shoot it all over again because, in Colbert’s words, “Trump continues to happen.”

In this case, Trump happened to have tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Which led Colbert to ask the important question, “if Trump tried to fire the man investigating him for Obstruction of Justice, because he was investigating him for Obstruction of Justice, is that just more Obstruction of Justice? Or is it something new?”

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Of course, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating President Trump for much more than just Obstruction of Justice. Treason is in the mix here. Because if the President or any of the people who work for him, or have worked for him, either in his administration, in his transition team, or in his campaign colluded with Russia, knew about collusion with Russia and did nothing, aided and abetted collusion with Russia during or after the fact, or helped cover up collusion with Russia, they’re traitors.

So far we’ve seen a mountain of evidence of very shady connections and activities between several people in Trump’s orbit. And we’ve seen what would appear to be extensive efforts on the part of President Trump and many in his administration both to obstruct Justice, and even undermine the individuals and institutions involved in carrying out justice. Which more than likely means that not only are several people who have worked for Trump, or work for him now, guilty of treason, but the President himself likely is as well, and he knows it. And it is that consciousness of guilt which has made him so desperate to obstruct and undermine the investigations.

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And so Robert Mueller carries on his investigation. Trump may have come close to firing him once in the past, but even if he goes through with it at some point in the future, another prosecutor will step in and pick up where Mueller left off. Just as Mueller himself picked up where former FBI Director James Comey left off. Just as, in the last investigation of this magnitude in American history, the Watergate scandal, Leon Jaworski picked up where Archibald Cox left off. Mueller is just a cog in the machine of justice, and if one gear is removed, another is ready to take his place. And another. And another.

This WILL reach a conclusion. The President and “All the President’s Men” can try to obstruct justice. But they cannot succeed. They can perhaps slow it down, but in doing so the would just make the next Special Counsel’s job easier, and so would ultimately speed things up. Which is why, as Colbert brilliantly explains with a wave of his finger (and the help of a Molotov cocktail prop) why we’re at a point in this nation’s history where vigilance and hard work is needed to keep our democracy – but we’re not to the point of anarchy. We’re at the point of resistance, but not rebellion.

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And in the meantime, Trump continues to happen. And as long as that remains the case, it won’t just be the work of those who labor in the machinery of justice that will be essential. It’s the work of those helping the rest of us to understand it, and even to laugh our way through it, as well. Journalists, bloggers, comedians, all the people working behind the scenes. All doing essential work in this time we’re living through. As Trump continues to happen.

Watch Stephen Colbert Working Overtime Because ‘Trump Continues to Happen’:

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