Watch: Trump Surrogate Asks 'Dumbest Question I've Ever Heard' on Tax Returns

Watch: Trump Surrogate Asks ‘Dumbest Question I’ve Ever Heard’ on Tax Returns

Jeffery Lord Gets Scolded For Ridiculous Question About Donald Trump Tax Returns

CNN commentator Jeffery Lord continues to be one of the biggest backers of Donald Trump found on the network. And backing Trump gets incredibly difficult at times, especially when it comes to some of the president’s most notable flip-flops. Last night, Lord tried to deflect on the question of Trump’s failure to release his tax returns by asking fellow commentator Keith Boykin a question that didn’t go over well. In fact, Boykin labeled it the “dumbest question” he’s ever heard on television.

During a discussion with host Erin Burnett, Boykin began by noting Trump’s history promising to release his returns yet never producing them. Lord started his retort by trying to point out more presidents in history had not released their returns than had. Boykin immediately jumped in and stated out how irrelevant the argument is considering the more recent history of presidents releasing their returns. Lord counters by bringing the stupid:

Keith let me ask you something. You worked in the White House. Did you release your tax returns?

Boykin was an aide to Bill Clinton during his administration. Talking over Burnett, who had doubled over in laughter at the question, Boykin responded:

Am I President of the United States, Jeffrey? That’s the dumbest question I’ve ever heard anybody ask on television! You call yourself a political commentator and you ask a stupid question like that, Jeffrey?…That’s ridiculous.

It’s clear the public wants to see the tax returns of Donald Trump and defending his lack of transparency is getting more and more difficult. But Jeffery Lord keeps trying…

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Watch: [brid video=”133847″ player=”5260″ title=”” Question Ive Ever Heard.” Keith Boykin Goes Off on Jeffrey Lord Over Trump Tax Returns”]

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