Westboro Baptist Church Members Chased Out Of Portland By Counter-Protesters (VIDEO)

Westboro Baptist Church Members Chased Out Of Portland By Counter-Protesters (VIDEO)

The notorious Westboro Baptist Church dunderheads descended upon Portland Oregon over the weekend, which of all places probably wasn’t a good choice for the anti-LGBT cult from beet-red Kansas to wind up.

They tried staging their hate-filled protests at three different pro-gay churches in the Portland area, only to be outnumbered by counter-protesters who thwarted their efforts to spread hate by mocking and deriding them mercilessly.

As the Statesman-Journal reported:

“Same-sex couples kissed in front of the picketers. A group of metal enthusiasts played Slayer on a boom box to counter WBC’s own music and singing. Some held mocking signs that read, ‘God hates figs,”‘and ‘Dog hates dyslexia.’ Others prayed.”

And on Saturday night, the despicable WBC bigots showed up at a Portland Trailer Blazers NBA game to spread their filth, where they were met by an even bigger counter-protest. WBC showed up at the Portland game to protest the team’s support for the same-sex marriage, which became legal in May 2014 thanks to a federal judge overturning a 2004 state constitutional amendment banning such marriages.

As reported by Hoopshype:

“In an unexpected twist, the best entertainment at the Rose Quarter on Saturday night occurred outside the cavernous walls of the Moda Center. The Westboro Baptist Church protested outside the arena as promised, but the group of 20 didn’t last 20 minutes as a massive counter-protest drowned out their objections to the Trail Blazers’ support of gay marriage. Then, after the Westboro protesters left, the rabid counter-protestors stayed around for a full-on dance party that featured stage lights and speakers.”

The protest was originally slated to last 75 minutes, but due to the sheer number of counter-protesters, it only lasted 20 minutes before the WBC schmucks were ran off with a loud celebratory cheer being heard as the anti-gay protesters left the area.

Watch the citizens of Portland give the WBC idiots the send-off they deserve.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube screen shot.

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Dan Simpson is a devoted father of many children, and a liberal-progressive writer stuck in the middle of Conserva-land